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  • John F. Kennedy Library Launches New "Taking A Stand" Initiative

    Every year, the John F. Kennedy Library foundation puts out our call for nominees for the Profile in Courage Award, where they receive the names of dozens of ordinary Americans across the country who have put their livelihoods at risk and their lives on hold to do what is right for their communities.

    These are unquestionably courageous men and women of conscience, but because the Profile in Courage Award solely honors those in public office, they have never before had the opportunity to recognize their contributions.

    Today, the library

    Small acts of political courage happen every day across the United States. Students, parents, and teachers work to stop bullying in schools. Community members take stands for free speech. Protesters march to end sexual assault and gun violence.

    If you know a friend, neighbor, colleague, or even a stranger who has taken a stand that has benefited your community -- even though it may have been unpopular at first -- then share their story here.

  • Political Collectors Pick Bush, Trump & Rubio... so far!

    As of August 26, 2015 Jeb Bush leads the field of candidates for the Republican nomination for President, with Donald Trump and Marco Rubio not far behind.

    "Political collectors and historians have been pretty darn good in predicting elections in the past", explains Lori Ferber, Ppoll-resultsresident of Lori Ferber Collectibles, one of the leading dealers in political memorabilia in the country.

    So far over 1,400 people have voted on her political collectibles website at, and Jeb Bush leads all the Republican candidates with 26.64% votes vs. Donald Trump with 21.33% and Marco Rubio with 14.25%.

    However, Ferber points out that Donald Trump was a late entry in the online poll and he has improved from just 9% of the vote three weeks ago to 22.33% as of August 26, 2015.

  • APIC Holds Western Regional Show in Reno Nevada

    Be sure to vrenoisit the APIC (American Political Items Collectors organization) Regional Show in Reno Nevada
    July 30th & Aug 1st. Room Hopping: Thu Jul 30th
    Bourse Time: Fri, Jul 31st 7:30am (dealers), 10am public, Sat Aug 1st 10am-3pm
    Location: Atlantis Resort & Casino, Reno NV
    For more information contact: Cary Jung 916.838.1984 or or Adam Gottlieb 916.956.2030 or

  • What The Heck Do You Do With 140,000 Buttons!

    We were recently presented with an interesting dilemma. We were contacted by a company that had 140,000 campaign buttons - mostly from the campaigns of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Were there duplicates? You bet! In fact one button has 35,000 duplicates of the same button!

    Never one to back down from a challenge and since we're known for helping collectors and dealers sell off collections and accumulations of thousands of campaign buttons, posters, bumper stickers and more we took on the challenge.

    The first person we contacted said "Who in the heck will buy 140,000 relatively common political buttons -especially 35,000 of the same one!

    But with a lot effort and a lot of phone calls and emails to our contacts around the country we found a new home for the massive collection of over 200 boxes. In fact, the hoard was so large a storage unit had to be rented to store everything.

    So the moral of the story is; if you have a collection, estate accumulation, dealers stock that you are looking to sell give us a call. If its not right for us we'll try our best to find the right buyer for it.

    For more information contact Lori Ferber at lori@loriferber.comcollections-bought

  • Political Collectors Get It Right - Again Hillary Clinton Runs for President

    Today, April 12, 2015 Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President. That came as no surprise to our customers who had already predicted that Ms. Clinton would run for President. A total of 5,172 votes were cast. The final tally was 2,689 *51.99%) voting "yes" that Hillary Clinton would run for President and 2,483 (48.01% voted "no", they did not think she would run.

    "For the last two years the votes consistently suggested that Ms. Clinton would not run for President", said Lori Ferber, co-owner of Lori Ferber Collectibles. "But in the last two months we saw a significant change in the numbers." hillary-clinton-from-her-website

  • Website Upgrade Problems - Please Call!

    As part of our commitment to constantly improving our website we approved upgrades that were aimed at improving the speed of our website. Unfortunately, it had the exact opposite effect and we have been experiencing problems in both speed and the checkout procedure.

    If you would like to place an order and are experiencing problems during checkout, please call our toll free number at 888-477-9222 day or night and we will be happy to help you personally until the problem is rectified.

  • One of Our Valued Staff Members Hard At Work As Usual


  • Will Hillary Run? Just Ask a Collector!

    Will Hillary Run? Just Ask a Political Collector!

    (SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA) - Will Hillary run for the Democratic nomination for President? You might want to listen to political collectors.
    “We have been watching the voting change pretty dramatically over the last twelve months” says Steve Ferber, Co-owner of Lori Ferber Collectibles of Scottsdale Arizona. “Two years ago the clear majority felt that Clinton would never run again.”

    But that changed this month as 51.82% of the over 5,000 collectors who have cast votes on the Company’s website now feel that Hillary Clinton will indeed run for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

    Ferber’s company which he operates with his wife Lori Ferber, has been a leading dealer in presidential collectibles and memorabilia for over forty years. Ten years ago the company moved its annual poll to its website at, where customers and visitors to the site can now vote on the outcome presidential elections while browsing thru the Company’s over 9,000 presidential collectibles. “It’s not a scientific poll” admits Ferber, “but over the years, political collectors have done a pretty admirable job of predicting elections. In fact, they have picked the winning presidential candidate in five of the last seven presidential elections.

    Have the recent revelations about Hillary Clinton’s personal email account changed the vote? Not according to Ferber, who says they have seen the margin of “yes” votes actually grow slightly in the last week. "I guess collectors tend to be frustrated historians” says Ferber, and tend to take a pretty long term view of events and campaigns. Blips don't tend to concern them. ”

    Political collectors of campaign buttons, posters, inaugural souvenirs and autographs also tend to be a very knowledgeable group when it comes to politics and elections, points out Ferber. “Ask them who ran against Abraham Lincoln in the 1864 presidential election and they will instantly know the answer (George McClellan) points out Ferber. “They know their politics”.

    Of course, there are times when collectors get it wrong – or do they? Take the 2000 election for example. The vote by political collectors finished in favor of Al Gore over George Bush by a narrow margin. “We blew that one” admits Ferber. George Bush defeated Al Gore in a close and hotly contested finish, “but then collectors had never heard of a “hanging chad” before that election”, Ferber jokingly points out. “Funny thing is copies of the actual hanging chad ballots are now a pretty popular collector’s item”, says Ferber.

  • Move Over Mr. Huckabee 154 People Have Declared Their Candidacy for 2016

    So you thought there were only one or two candidates that have declared their intention to run for President in 2016? Well surprise surprise, as of January 15, 2015 there were a total of 154 people who have filed their Statement of Candidacy (FEC Form 2) with the Federal Election Commission.

    The link below lists all individuals who have filed a Statement of Candidacy (FEC Form 2) with the FEC to register as a 2016 presidential candidate.election_commission

    Each individual who is a candidate for federal office must file an FEC Form 2 within 15 days of becoming a candidate. The candidate may file this form on paper or electronically. Paper filers may choose to send a letter that contains the information required on the FEC Form 2, in lieu of the form itself.

    Under the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (the Act), an individual becomes a candidate for federal office when:

    * The individual has received contributions aggregating in excess of $5,000 or made expenditures aggregating in excess of $5,000; or

    * The individual has given consent to another person to receive contributions or make expenditures on behalf of him or herself and that person has received contributions aggregating in excess of $5,000 or made expenditures aggregating in excess of $5,000 (11 CFR 100.3(a)).

  • Authenticating Presidential Autographs Is Sometimes Easier Than You Would Think

    Authenticating the signatures of American Presidents is an arduous and time consuming task. You have to examine the paper stock, the ink, the flow of the ink, the age of the paper, the curls and peculiarities of the letters and characters and compare them to known examples.

    But sometimes it's easier than you think. Like today. A very nice lady sent us a photograph of a Franklin D. Roosevelt signature on a commemorative cover (envelope) which she said "looked good". Indeed the paper looked good, the signature was bold and clear. But we didn't really have to look very hard to determine it was truly not an original signature of President Roosevelt.

    How did we know? Because the postmark on cover was 1966. President Roosevelt died in 1945.

    So as the veteran newscaster Paul Harvey would have said, "now you know the rest of the story" :)

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