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  • Making a Business Out of Political History

    Special thank you to Ruralite magazine for their great story "Making a business of political history".  They featured Lori Ferber Collectibles in their October online edition.


  • Political Graphics - Celebrating the Art of Resistance - October 23, 2016

    "Celebrating the Art of Resistance," will be held Sunday, October 23, 2016 at the Professional Musicians Union Local 47, 817 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90038. The Center for the Study of Political Graphics collects, conserves, documents and exhibits historic and contemporary social movement posters. CSPG has more than 85,000 domestic and international posters, including the largest collection of post-World War II human rights and protest posters in the U.S.


  • Voters Say Democratic Party Screwed Bernie Sanders

    The Results are in!  In our latest poll where we asked "Do you think the heads of the Democratic Party screwed Bernie Sanders?".

    A whopping 71.92% of those people who voted said yes they believed the Democratic Party screwed Bernie Sanders.

    Frankly, we had imagined the vote would be much closer, but you have spoken and our visitors and customers have a great track record of predicting Presidential elections and voter opinion.

    Stay tuned for our next poll



  • Authentic "D. B. Cooper" 1971 Ransom Money Federal Reserve Note

    Authentic "D. B. Cooper" 1971 Ransom Money. Series 1969 $20 Federal Reserve Note. Certified and encapsulated by PCGS Currency with insert picturing the 1971 artist's sketch of the sunglasses-wearing skyjacker. If you're looking for a unique and iconic piece of Aviation history this is it. These notes rarely come up for sale.

    We are honored to be able to offer one of the original recovered bills that were found by eight-year-old Brian Ingram along the banks of the Columbia River in Washington on February 10, 1980. This is one of the only known group of currency notes that can be linked to the historic and infamous event.

    All the notes from this group were damaged by their exposure to the weather. This bill is approximately 3.75" x 1.5" in size and irregular in shape. It features a near-complete Hamilton portrait, two partial serial numbers, and a near-complete San Francisco "L" Reserve Bank designation.Serial #L47621840A which has been certified and authenticated according to the serial number. One of the largest fragments ever found.

    This bill has been in a private collection since it was purchased at auction in December 2009 and the original auction bill will be included as well as the PCCS Currency Certificate of Authenticity which includes the signature of Brian Ingram, finder of the note, and the President and Vice President of PCGS Currency.db-cooper-random-skyjacking-note

  • Fun Times at the 2016 Politicon Show in Pasadena, CA

    Fun times at the 2016 Politicon convention in Pasadena, California this weekend. In our opinion the highlight was the display of amazing and controversial artwork from the 2016 presidential campaign. The exhibit included an artist's rendition of a Trump University Diploma machine and a Hillary Clinton room freshener display,

    Speakers included, Sarah Palin, Roseanne Barr, Glen Beck and many more. 20160626_120804_resized





  • Political Correctness Run Amok

    When computers and political correctness go just a bit too far: We noticed recently that Google disapproved of several of our listings of campaign items. Curious, we called Google to find out what we could possibly be wrong with listings for civil war envelopes, bobbleheads and campaign buttons. Instead, we got an interesting lesson in what happens when computers make decisions in the world of political correctness.

    Our listing for 100 Magazine and Protective Bags for storing publications was rejected. The reason? The computer thought the word "magazine" was referring to the type of magazine used in weapons rather than the type you and I read everyday. No, I'm not kidding.

    The next listing was for a Tea Party Patriot bobblehead. Could it be that someone at google doesn't like the Tea Party? Is it a Democratic conspiracy? Or maybe they don't like Sarah Palin? (after all there some people that might agree with that) No, the reason it was rejected is because they thought "tea party " was some type of supplement, and supplements are not allowed to be advertised on Google without permission. No, we don't make this stuff up folks.

    The third one was equally amazing. But at least we got a chuckle out of it. 8-24736Apparently Google thinks we're now porn kings. Many of you will remember the famous commercial that Republican candidate Bob Dole was seen in promoting Viagra many years ago. Well, there was also a campaign button that we sell that says "Elizabeth Dole Causes Erectile Dysfunction" that was an Anti Bob Dole campaign buttons from the 1990's. So the ad was rejected as pornography. Of course, not only is this an historical item, but the commercial played in prime time on national television.

    So I guess we're now Porn Kings and Queens. Do you think this rates us a visit to the Playboy mansion?

  • Marco Rubio Drops Out First Proving Once Again Collectors Know Their Stuff!

    Our customers did it yet again! When it comes to predicting the outcome of presidential races political memorabilia collectors continue to show that they really know their politics. Recently in our community poll we asked "who will drop out first? Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz?

    Well, by a vote of 55.79% vs 44.21% our readers and customers overwhelming predicted Marco Rubio would drop out first. They were proved correct yesterday, March 15, 2016.

    Over the years, polls on presidential memorabilia website have proven amazingly accurate in predicting the voting patterns of presidential elections.

  • Which 2016 Presidential Candidate Do You REALLY Match With?

    Here's an interesting website that matches your personal views on various popular issues of the day with those of each of the 2016 Presidential Republican and Democratic candidates.

    It strips away your subjective and personal impressions of candidates and focuses on the facts and issues and where you match with the candidates stated campaign views.

    Take the quiz and see where you stand. We had three people in our office take the quiz and found it pretty accurate. In fact, we i-stand-withfound out that we had more in common with one particular candidate than we ever thought.

    Visit the website and take the quiz at

  • Who Will Drop Out First? Cruz or Rubio?

    With Donald Trump expanding his lead in the Republican Party primaries, we felt it was time to let you tell us who you think will drop out first - Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio? Be sure to vote! Visit our community poll on the right hand side of most product pages at www.loriferber.comrubio-cruz

  • Why We Love This Hobby

    Last week we received an order from Laura in Texas for three collectible items from the 1984 Republican National Convention. That in itself is nothing unusual. We sell a lot of different items every day. We often wonder why certain people buy certain items from our inventory. Is it for their collection? For a friend or relative or maybe they ordered a Reagan item just because their last name is Reagan.

    Well today, we got a follow up email from Laura. She told us that she purchased the items for her boss who had worked at the Republican Convention in 1984 and always wished he had kept some souvenirs from that event.

    So for this holiday season, thanks to Laura and her thoughtfulness, her boss is going to be the proud owner of an original badge, postcard and sign from the Convention, and his wish will be fulfilled.

    And as Laura said in her email... she can't wait to see her bosses face!


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  • I appreciate everything - the speedy response, the customer service, and of course, the product itself. Often, I'm skeptical and think that online testimonials only post the positive feedback, or even make up feedback. I can tell from the service I received that not only were these testimonials legitimate (just like your products), but it is likely they are all so positive because I can't imagine you getting a negative review. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you. This is how customer service is supposed to look and it is so refreshing! I'll certainly be back to purchase additional gifts for my history-buff boyfriend in the future.
    - Shoshana, Golden Valley Minnesota October 11, 2016
  • Lori, The poster arrived late yesterday afternoon. It is hanging on my wall, and it looks absolutely fantastic! I smile when I see the President staring down at me as I am sitting at my desk. Thanks so much! Well done! Best, Mike B
    Mike B June 18, 2016
  • Lori: After weeks of research, asking for referrals and conducting a competitive analysis - I landed with Lori Ferber Collectibles.My journey has been wonderful to say the least Steve & Lori are excellent!
    B. G. February 26, 2015
  • Lori & Steve: Your honesty and integrity are inspiring and conducive to an ongoing business relationship.
    P.W. February 26, 2015
  • Lori: Thank you ever so much for the Presidential Inaugural Invitation. I was moved because it means so very much to me. I was in Washington D.C. last year during the inauguration, however, I had been hoping to eventually obtain something this special (I even wrote to my Congressman and others). Again, thank you so much and may you have continued success in your business in the coming years.
    W.M. February 20, 2015
  • Thank you very much for your assistance in making sure that the gift is now perfect. I have been spreading the word about the excellent customer service I've received from you
    A. H. February 26, 2015
  • Lori, I cannot wait to place my next order! Thanks again for your advice. I look forward to placing my next order.
    N. R. February 26, 2015
  • Thank you so much! It is nice experiencing great customer service in a world that seems to have forgotten it is more than a phrase!
    S. D. February 26, 2015
  • I received it yesterday, thank you so much for sending it so quickly!! I'm thrilled, and absolutely LOVE it! Thank you again!!
    Mary M. February 26, 2015