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  1. McCain campaign sign

    John McCain Campaign Lawn Sign


    Large soft plastic campaign lawn sign from the 2008 election campaign of republican John McCain. Obama. Original. This is part of a huge collection of McCain items we recently purchased. We have over 100 in stock! Learn More
  2. Abraham Lincoln Reward Poster Postcard

    Abraham Lincoln Vintage Postcard Featuring Iconic Reward Poster


    Abraham Lincoln postcard from the early 1900's. Beautiful colors and embossing and featuring a graphic of the famous $100,000 Reward poster for the capture of Lincoln's assassins. An early graphic of this poster not often seen. Original. Learn More
  3. 1909 George Washington E. Nash Matching Patriotic Postcard Set

    1909 George Washington E. Nash Matching Patriotic Postcard Set


    Very nice vintage postcards featuring a colorful portrait of President George Washington with his cherry tree branch and hatchet, entitled "Washington his patriotism". Arguably one of the most attractive George Washington postcard sets, produced for Washington's Birthday. Included are both versions of this card, one in gold and one in silver. Original. Learn More
  4. 1960 John F. Kennedy God Bless Our President

    1960 John F. Kennedy God Bless Our President


    Original button from the inauguration of John F. Kennedy. Includes the hard to find "God Bless our President button with a photo of JFK in the center. Learn More
  5. Korean Peace Talks Summit Coin Medal - Donald Trump

    Korean Peace Talks Summit Coin Medal - Donald Trump


    Authentic Korea Peace Summit Coin with Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un. Original. Raised Silhouettes of President Donald J. Trump and North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un2 1/4" Diameter, 3/16" Thick, Scalloped Edges. Includes the numbered Certificate of Authenticity card. Learn More
  6. Goldwater Miller Large Poster

    1964 Barry Goldwater William Miller Medium Size Campaign Poster


    This Barry Goldwater 1964 Republican paper campaign poster. The colors are still amazingly vibrant. Features a bold photo of both Barry Goldwater and William Miller for President and Vice President. Original. One of our favorite Goldwater posters in truly very fine condition. There are two different sizes that were produced of this poster. This is the medium size one. Learn More
  7. Political 20180728 15465923

    1962 Scarce John F Kennedy Cancelled Rally - Cuban Missile Crisis


    In 1962, California Governor Pat Brown was running for re-election vs Richard M. Nixon. President John F. Kennedy agreed to attend a rally held in Los Angeles to help Brown's re-election campaign, also no doubt meant as an early second term campaign stop for the young President. Kennedy's appearance was cancelled as the Cuban Missile Crisis required Kennedy's full attention. As tensions continued to rise, the nation - and the world - waited as Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro negotiated and threatened each other. Despite the cancellation, Brown was re-elected for another term as the California Governor. This original and seldom seen flyer invited people to meet and hear "Your President" John F Kennedy and "Your Governor", Edmund G. (Pat) Brown for a "Giant Street Rally" in Los Angeles on Friday, October 26, 1962. We recently acquired a number of these scarce flyers. In 1962 the Democratic incumbent, Pat Brown, ran for re-election against former Vice President Richard Nixon. In his concession speech, Nixon accused the media of favoring his opponent Brown, stating that it was his "last press conference" and "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around any more.". Six years later, Nixon was elected President of the United States. Learn More
  8. Kennedy and Healey Button

    1960 Scarce Kennedy and Healey Coattails Campaign Button


    Kennedy and Healey original coattails campaign button. John A. Healey, was a N.J.1st Congressional. District candidate. Difficult button to find, especially in this condition. Learn More
  9. George Washington Icannottellalie Hatchet

    George Washington ICANNOTTELLALIE Hatchet


    George Washington hatchet. Made out of stiff cardboard. Patriotic design with ICANNOTTELLALIE on the blade, referencing the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. What the significance of combined the "I canot tell a lie" phrase without the spaces, we have no idea. Assumed to be from the early 1900's. Learn More
  10. Kennedy Victory Song Sheet Music

    1960 Kennedy Victory Song Sheet Music


    Four page sheet music "Kennedy Victory Song" by Felix Nolasco. Nice photo of JFK on the front with Democratic Donkey logo in the lower right. Must have been a hot seller at the time since the store upped the price from 50 cents to $1.00 (lower left corner). Original. Learn More
  11. Ronald Reagan Walter Mondale Presidential Debate Poster 1984 1

    1976 Vote Ronald Reagan For President Campaign Sign


    Official and patriotic red,white and blue cardboard poster sign promoting "Vote Reagan for President". At the bottom it states "Paid for by Reagan for President - U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt, Chairman; Bay Buchanan, Treas." Original. Learn More
  12. 1984 Ronald Reagan vs Walter Mondale Debate Poster

    1984 Ronald Reagan vs Walter Mondale Debate Poster


    League of Women Voters sponsored the 1984 Presidential Debates featuring Republican Ronald Reagan vs Democrat Walter Mondale. Great caricatures of both candidates beside a rendering of a trophy with the Seal of the President graphic on the front. This debate was held in Kansas City, Missouri, October 21, 1984. Original and seldom seen glossy paper poster. Learn More
  13. Richard Nixon 1968 New York Campaign Poster

    1968 Scarce This Time Nixon Campaign Poster


    Original paper poster promoting Richard Nixon for President in the 1968 presidential election. The poster was produced by the New York State Republican Campaign Committee. Nice bold black and white photo of the soon to become President with the text "This Time, Nixon." Learn More
  14. 1980 Americans for Reagan Patriotic Campaign Poster

    1980 Americans for Reagan Patriotic Campaign Poster


    Americas For Reagan Country poster. Great Patriotic look with bold photo of President Reagan in the center. Produced by the Americans For Reagan, Senator Jesse Helms Honorary Chairman. Original, cardstock. Learn More
  15. 1900 Wm Jennings Bryan for President Philadelphia Badge

    1900 Wm Jennings Bryan for President Philadelphia Badge


    Scarce Wm Jennings Bryan for President badge. Red, white and blue ribbon says "Democratic City Committee Philia. 1900. Celluloid photo of Bryan inside elaborate frame. Original. Priced very attractively since it is not in perfect condition. Learn More
  16. George Washington Home

    George Washington Mount Vernon Home Photograph 1880-1890


    Vintage photograph of George Washington's home at Mount Vernon. Under the photo is says "Home of Washington, Mount Vernon, VA". Mounted. Very large Cabinet style card style showing a group of men and women. Sepia tones, At bottom shows, Luke C. Dillon Washington, D.C. and Pullman's Gallery. Dillon was the photographer for the Mount Vernon from 1880 to 1890. The shows the front and side of Mount Vernon and about 40 men and women standing on the front lawn. Interesting conversation piece, especially when viewing the clothing of the day in this size photograph. Learn More
  17. 1985 Rare Ronald Reagan Inaugural Commitee Staff Badge

    1985 Rare Ronald Reagan Inaugural Commitee Staff Badge


    Very rare and original Inaugural Committee Staff badge from the 1985 Inauguration of Ronald Reagan as President and George Herbert Walker Bush as Vice President. It is the same badge design, manufactured by the same company Blackinton, the produced the police badges for the Inauguration. However, this particular badge is not a police badge but rather engraved with the designation "Inaugural Committee Staff" and the name of the Committee member (Jan Burmeister who was also a White House staff member) engraved at the top. This is the only one of these badges we have ever seen engraved in this way. It is contained in the sealed plastic wrapper that has never been opened. We have done our best to photograph it without opening the package. Learn More
  18. James Garfield Funeral Train Flag

    1881 Scarce James Garfield Funeral Train Flag


    Memorial flag. We believe they were produced right after the assassination of President James Garfield during the events surrounding his memorial and funeral. The ancestors of the owner were railroaders and this item, along with three others, were found in an attic in Cleveland Ohio where President Garfield was buried. So we believe these fabric flags were related to the funeral train that brought the President's body from Wasington, D.C. to Cleveland, Ohio, his final resting place.

    At each stop along the way, and particulary in Cleveland, crowds gathered to greet the train and pass their last respects. Original, there is background water staining and frayed edges

    Learn More
  19. President Ronald Reagan Signature Parker Pen & Pencil Set

    President Ronald Reagan Signature Parker Pen & Pencil Set


    This is the original abd scarce Parker Arrow Ballpoint and pencil set in black metal with gold trim contained in a black leather presentation case with gold presidential seal on the cover. Contains note inside "with my sincere appreciation for helping make our 1984 campaign such an outstanding success. Robert B. Smith, National Chairman". Smith was the Chairman of General Motors and a Reagan campaign supporter. First one of these we have ever seen. Learn More
  20. U.s.grant Personal Memoirs

    1885 Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant Book - 1st Edition


    Original first edition of "Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant". Published in New York by Charles Webster & Company, 1885 and Printed by J.J. Little & Co., Astor Place, New York. The volumes are dedicated to the American soldier and sailor. 584 Pages. Hardbound. This is volume 1 of the 2 volume set. Learn More
  21. Political 20180802 08452138

    1921 Rare President Harding Inaugural Ball Invitation Card


    Collectors of presidential inaugural memorabilia have typically found a "space" in their collections when it comes to items from the 1921 inauguration of Warren Harding. Harding had made the decision to tone back the festivities because of the tough economic times that the nation was experiencing at that time. For that reason few collectibles from his inauguration exist. This is an invitation card to an Inaugural Ball held the night of Harding's inauguration. It is considered a satellite location item since the Ball was not held in Washington, DC but rather in Philadephia Pennsylvania. It was presented by "The Committee of Seven of New York City" and held at the Musical Fund Hall, on Locust Street in Philadelphia. This is the first, and only one of these invitation cards that we have ever seen. The focus of the card is not on Harding's inauguration but rather the "grandest affair" and entertainment that would be held that night, but its Inaugural Ball theme is obviously tied to the inauguration being held that day in Washington, D.C. Includes the original envelope. While not a traditional Washington DC item, this will fill the whole in your inaugural invitation collection. Learn More
  22. Scarce Welcome to the Home of Lincoln Illinois Attorney Association Badge

    Scarce Welcome to the Home of Lincoln Illinois Attorney Association Badge


    Scarce Abraham Lincoln badge with both an Ilinois and attorney theme. The badge features three parts, a convex glossy disc / button at the bottom in a simple frame, a patriotic red, white and blue ribbon and a top attachment pin. On the front the disc/ button shows a photo of Lincoln surrounded by the words "Welcome to the Home of Lincoln" and the reverse text says "States Attorneys Association, Illinois - 1902". The front of the disc/button features a photo of Abraham Lincoln that was taken from one of the earliest known photographs of Lincoln. The original photo was taken in 1857 by Alexander Hessler just prior to Lincoln's Senate nomination. As the story goes, members of the bar in Illinois arranged for the sitting by Lincoln, which ties in with the theme on the reverse from the States Attorneys Association Illinois. The only one of these scarce items we have ever seen. Ideal for the Lincoln, Illinois or an attorney looking for an amazing piece of Lincoln, Illinois or attorney history. Learn More
  23. Governor Ronald Reagan Autograph Christmas Card And Medal

    Governor Reagan Signed Gift to His State Police Bodyguard


    When Ronald Reagan was Governor of California, the California State Police assigned Freeman Calvert to help protect the President. The two became close friends. In 1969 Reagan sent this beautiful lucite cased medal celebrating the California bicentennial to Mr. Calvert along with a card with the State Seal of California and the words "Merry Christmas Ronald Reagan" Governor of California. Original. Also includes a copy of a newspaper article featuring Officer Calvert and his memories of Ronald Reagan. A great Ronald Reagan conversation piece direct from the estate of his protector and friend. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from a third party forensic document examiner and our 100% satsifaction guarantee refund policy. Learn More
  24. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1937 Official Inaugural Medal Ana Rated

    1937 Rare Franklin D. Roosevelt Official Inaugural Medal


    This is the rare Official Franklin Delano Roosevelt second term Inaugural Medal in bronze. Official. 1937. Bronze, High relief bust of Roosevelt on front with concentric two-line legend. "Franklin Delano Roosevelt Second Inauguration Jan 20, 1937. Inner circle says 31st President 1933 1941. The revers side has a graphic of Vice President and the words John Nance Garner 32nd Vice President. sailing and the words, John Nance Garner 32nd Vice President. This medal has been authenticated, graded and encased by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporated (NGC). The official sevice of the American Numismatic Association. Since we would not violated the integrity of the authentication we did not remove the medal from its encasement so we did our best to photograph the item. Just 1006 of these rare medals were struck, which makes it exceedingly scarce. A corner stone piece of any inaugural medal collection. An exceptional opportunity to acquire this at a very reasonable price for your collection Learn More
  25. 1933 Rare Franklin Roosevelt Official Inaugural Medal

    1933 Rare Franklin Roosevelt Official Inaugural Medal


    This is the rare Official Franklin Delano Roosevelt first term Inaugural Medal in bronze. Official. 1933. Bronze, Exceptionally high relief bust of Roosevelt on front with concentric two-line legend. "Franklin Delano Roosevelt 31st President of the United States on the outer circle of type and 1933-1937 John Nance Garner Vice President on the inner circle of type. The reverse side has a beautiful graphic of the U.S.S. Constitution ("Old Ironsides") sailing and the words, Thou Too Sail on a Ship of State. Sail on Union Strong and Great. Just 1500 of these rare medals were struck, and it is said that many went unsold and were later destroyed, which would explain the increasing scarcity of this fine medal. A corner stone piece of any inaugural medal collection. An exceptional opportunity to acquire this at a very reasonable price. Learn More

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  • Hi Lori & Team I have purchased items from you over the years, since what I guess was your beginning days. All items come perfect - they are what you say - I appreciate each purchase. Is there a website where I can say “ Lori and her team are amazing as are the items I purchase”….or something similar. If so, I’m happy to do that !! All my best, John W California
    John W August 18, 2018
  • I want to thank you both for your wonderful business. With my being deeply involved in the Political arena your business feeds to my love for Politics, I enjoy getting a hold of great Political Items that are part of History collecting these treasures are a personal Hobby to me! I have ordered from you both on a number of occasions and I have to say that I am truly amazed and I appreciate everything - the speedy response, to the great customer service, the speedy arrival of items purchased arriving on time to my doorstep when promised, and more. Thank again for all that you both do for this Country through your wonderful business. I endorse Lori Ferber Collectibles!
    Walter S, Michigan February 02, 2017
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    - Shoshana, Golden Valley Minnesota October 11, 2016
  • Lori, The poster arrived late yesterday afternoon. It is hanging on my wall, and it looks absolutely fantastic! I smile when I see the President staring down at me as I am sitting at my desk. Thanks so much! Well done! Best, Mike B
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