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  1. 1976 Jimmy Carter Campaign Poster Sign

    1976 Jimmy Carter Campaign Poster Sign


    Original poster promoting Democrat Jimmy Carter for President. Official poster paid for and authorized by the 1976 Democratic Presidential Campaign Committee, Inc. In the classic green and gold Carter campaign colors! Learn More
  2. William Jennings Bryan For President Campaign Stud Button

    William Jennings Bryan For President Campaign Stud Button


    Vintage William Jennings Bryan campaign button. Featuring photo of William Jennings Bryan with patriotic design. Original. Stud button style back. Learn More
  3. Richard Nixon Presidential Seal Glass

    Richard Nixon Presidential Seal Glass


    Collectible souvenir glassware President Richard M. Nixon. Attractive glass with the presidential seal and "Best Wishes Richard Nixon" engraved on the front. Nice gift for the Nixon or Agnew collector. Original. Learn More
  4. 1976 A Reaganite For Ford Scarce Button

    1976 A Reaganite For Ford Scarce Button


    Original button from the 1976 presidential campaign for Gerald Ford. "A Reaganite for Ford". Scarce button not often seen. Not the most professional looking button, but that's part of its charm to collectors! Learn More
  5. 1964 Go Goldwater Scarce 1964 Campaign Songs Record

    1964 Go Goldwater Scarce 1964 Campaign Songs Record


    Record promoting Republican candidate Barry Goldwater for President. "Go Goldwater 1964 Campaign Songs". Side One: Barry's Victory March, Side Two: Back Barry All The Way. 33 1/3 RPM. Says at the bottom "net proceed to Goldwater Fund". Original. We have seen a number of different Barry Goldwater campaign records from his 1964 run for the presidency vs. Lyndon Johnson, but this is the first time we have ever seen this one. Learn More
  6. William Jennings Bryan For President Button Burned

    William Jennings Bryan For President Campaign Button


    Vintage William Jennings Bryan campaign button. Featuring photo of William Jennings Bryan with patriotic design. Original. Whitehead & Hoag backpaper still firmly attached. Learn More
  7. 1997 Bill Clinton & Al Gore Inaugural Playing Card Set

    1997 Bill Clinton & Al Gore Inaugural Playing Card Set


    Souvenir playing card set from the 1997 Inauguration of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Two decks of still sealed cards inside with the Inaugural Seal in center, cobalt blue background and gold trim. The original box has the inaugural seal and the printed signatures of Clinton & Gore underneath. Nice gift item from the inauguration. Learn More
  8. Al Gore Vice President Signature Pen With Presentation Box

    Al Gore Vice President Signature Pen With Presentation Box


    Original Parker Insignia twist style ballpoint pen with imprinted gold on two lines with Vice President's seal and Al Gore's signature. Gray leatherette presentation case with Vice Presidential Seal imprinted in gold on outside and inside of box. Very nice gift item. Learn More
  9. Barack Obama 2016 Christmas Card

    2016 Barack Obama White House Christmas Card


    Barack Obama 2016 Official Christmas Card. White House. Facsimile signatures of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Daughters Malia and Sasha and White House pets Bo and Sunny. Original. Attractive photo of the family, without the pets! Original and includes the original White House envelope. Learn More
  10. White House 2017 Christmas Cards

    2017 Donald Trump Official White House Christmas Card


    This is the original White House christmas card produced in 2017 for Donald Trump. It includes the raised gold Presidential Seal on the front. On the inside is the message "Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year and with the printed signatures of Donald Trump, Melania Trump and Barron Trump 2017. Also includes the original envelope with "TheWhite House" gold imprinted envelope and Presidential Seal on the reverse. Please be careful. There are many poor quality unofficial cards being sold on the internet. This is the original. Learn More
  11. 2016 Hillary Clinton Madam President Error Newsweek Magazine

    2016 Hillary Clinton Madam President Error Newsweek Magazine


    Is this the next Dewey Defeats Truman? We doubt it. But this special edition of Newsweek magazine featuring Hillary Clinton winning the November 8, 2016 election is surely going to be a collectible item. While it won't reach the return on investment that the Dewey Defeats Truman achieved (4 cents to $3,000), we wouldn't be surprised if the value did increase in the future. As is customary, Newweek actually subcontracted out the production of this magazine. Two versions were produced in advance. One, to be sold if Donald Trump won and one if Hillary Clinton won. Since it was assumed at the time that Clinton would win, a large print run was ordered before election day with Madam President on the cover. After the electon results became clear, Clinton copies were soon recalled from newsstands, but quite a few remained in circulation. To take advantage of the error the price for these magazines initially skyrocketed to thousands of dollars each. Some of our customers contacted us looking to purchase one. We told our customers "wait, the prices will come down, and when they do come down to a reasonable level we will offer them for sale". We now believe these magazines have come down to a reasonable price level and we are offering original magazines in very fine condition, for $75 each. Learn More
  12. 1990s Collection of 38 Different Bill Clinton Buttons & Pins

    1990s Collection of 38 Different Bill Clinton Buttons & Pins


    Collection of thirty eight (38) different campaign buttons, tie tacs and pins promoting Bill Clinton and Al Gore for President and Vice President of the United States. Includes both campaign and inaugural items. Nice diverse selection including, many great tie tac and jewelry campaign items. All original, of course. Learn More
  13. President Jimmy Carter Marine One Gift Dish

    President Jimmy Carter Marine One Gift Dish


    Original smoked glass dish that was presented to individuals that had the privilege of flying on the President's helicopter. Beautiful design that is a great addition to your library, den or office or as a gift for someone special. Features the Presidential Seal in the center with "Welcome Aboard Marine One" and the imprinted signature of Jimmy Carter. Superb gift item. "The included card says: "This Glassware has been custom designed, combing modern design with the elegance of 22K Gold." Learn More
  14. President Richard Nixon Signing Pen With Box

    President Richard M. Nixon White House Signing Pen Set


    President Richard M. Nixon White House fountain style Pen. The Parker Bill Signer pen has a silver top with silver trim and a bobalt blue barrel which has Nixon's printed signature and the words The White House. The pen comes with its original white case with gold trim that was distributed by the Nixon White House featuring the Presidential seal and Nixon's printed signature. Original. Learn More
  15. 1960's Lyndon Johnson Scarce Air Force One Dish

    1960's Lyndon Johnson Scarce Air Force One Dish


    Official and authentic President Lyondon Johnson Glass Plate from Air Force One. These dish / plates were given as gifts to lucky VIP's that were on board the President's plane. Beautiful gold emobossed glass plate with Presidential seal and the words "Aboard Air Force One" with President's signature printed beneath. Plate proudly displays the Presidential Seal with the words ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE with a gold embossed signature from President Lyndon Johnson. Plate measures approx 8-1/4" x 6-1/4" and curves up 3/4" Wonderful gift item. Learn More
  16. President Ronald Reagan Signature Parker Pen & Pencil Set

    President Ronald Reagan Signature Parker Pen & Pencil Set


    This is the original abd scarce Parker Arrow Ballpoint and pencil set in black metal with gold trim contained in a black leather presentation case with gold presidential seal on the cover. Contains note inside "with my sincere appreciation for helping make our 1984 campaign such an outstanding success. Robert B. Smith, National Chairman". Smith was the Chairman of General Motors and a Reagan campaign supporter. First one of these we have ever seen. Learn More
  17. 1973 Scarce Richard Nixon Signature Lucite Encasement Inaugural Medal

    1973 Scarce Richard Nixon Signature Lucite Encasement Inaugural Medal


    Scarce 1973 Richard Nixon signature lucite encasement inaugural gift display with medal. Gold plated bronze official inaugural medal encased in lucite. Limited production of just 500 original displays. Given to select supporters and staff. The medals were sent to the L.G. Balfour Company where they were gold plated and highly polished, then cased in a lucite block. At the bottom is a black ban imprinted in gold "With Best Wishes" with a facmile Richard Nixon signature. The medal display is housed in a beautiful leatherette presidentation case gilt smaped with the Presidential Seal. The medal and lucite block are in very fine uncirculated condition. The box at first glance looks pristine, but has the front has several cracks from pressure. The first of these presentation items we have ever had in inventory. Learn More
  18. Lyndon Johnson Official Signing Pen Esterbrook

    Scarce Lyndon Johnson Era Esterbrook Signing Pen


    Authentic Esterbrook White House bill signer pen. Engraved "THE PRESIDENT - THE WHITE HOUSE and housed in its original Esterbrook Desk Pen box. You sometimes see this pen advertised as being a John F. Kennedy pen, however we believe this variety of pen (the type measures 43mm and is in white color) was used during the Lyndon Johnson term, after the assassination of JFK., This came from a large collection of historic White House pens that we recently acquired from a very knowledeable presidential pen collector. Since the taper of the pen is clear and the type in white it is difficult to photograph so we photographed it with a black background. Comes with the original Esterbrook Desk Pen Company box in white. The pen and box are seldom seen together. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity. Learn More
  19. President Bill Clinton Cobalt Cufflinks White House Burned

    Scarce Bill Clinton VIP Cobalt Cufflinks


    President Bill Clinton’s VIP Cobalt Cufflinks A very scarce set of Original Bill Clinton’s most exclusive VIP Cobalt Cufflinks. They are gold plated with a filigreed edge and a Presidential blue center surrounded with a circle of stars. There is a die struck, three dimensional raised Presidential eagle in the middle. On the reverse of each link is Clinton’s signature. These are exquisitely beautiful, and are often considered the scarcest of the modern Presidential cufflinks. They come in a leatherette and brass jewelers box and a white outer box with a gold Presidential Seal on the boxes. They are in pristine condition. We're including a photo of the President wearing one of the same cufflinks. Learn More
  20. President Grover Cleveland Matches Holder Burned

    1893 Grover Cleveland Match Box Holder Case


    Fascinating campaign item from the presidency of Democrat Grover Cleveland. It is a metal case for matches with a portrait of President Grover Cleveland on the front. Intricate flower design on front and back. Opens up, much like a lighter, to reveal a dozen matches inside. The first of these we have ever seen in 43 years of collecting. Original. Learn More
  21. 1896 McKinley & Hobart Huge Street Banner

    1896 McKinley & Hobart Huge Street Banner


    Original and scarce street banner from the 1896 Presidential campaign. Huge 17 foot long double sided (same message on both sides) cloth / canvas street banner. So large we are having trouble photographing the entire banner in one photo! If you're looking for a great statement piece that would be a remarkable addition to your collection, library, den or library, this is it. No rips or tears, but has staining throughout, but then again it's over 116 years old! Learn More
  22. Oval Office Rug

    Great Seal of the United States Presidential Rug



    Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson not only helped draft the Declaration of Independence, they also helped design our national give visible evidence of a new sovereign nation and a free people. And in 1782, the Great Seal of the United States of America became official...a powerful graphic symbol of our country. This truly impressive gift item will make anyone’s home or office feel like the Oval Office. Our Great Seal Rug measures a full 5-feet in diameter. It is handmade and hand tufted by highly skilled artisans from 100% New Zealand Wool, considered one of the finest wools in the world. This is a superior quality item exhibiting excellent workmanship and made for lasting value. A superb gift for any individual fortunate enough to receive it...especially you!

    "I love the Presidential rug!! It is better than imagined. I'm so happy.... it makes a great statement when you walk into my home office!! Would make a great gift. Thanks again". - Glen, Los Angeles, California

    Learn More
  23. Political 20180314 09204494

    President George Bush Signed Mississippi State Bulldogs Football Program


    Truly unique and genuine Mississippi State football program from the November 18, 2000 game against Arkansas. The program features the 1996 "Sonny Day" tribute to alumni S.V. Sonny" Montgomery. The program is hand signed by both President George H.W. Bush and Sonny Montgomery. On that day, the University saluted the 1943 graduate and former 34d District Representative Montgomery who was a close personal friend of George Bush. This program was gracioiusly signed by both Representative Montgomery and former President George Bush, after the owner's father drove them to Mississippi State for the game and ceremonies. It comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity. Also, included is a clipping from the Clarion-Ledger newspaper entitled "Former President honors Montgomery". A great collectible for fans of Mississippi State Football or President George H.W. Bush - or both! Would look great framed! Learn More
  24. Richard Nixon Dwight Eisenhower Rare Signed Program

    1961 Rare President Nixon Birthday Dinner - SIGNED by a Who's Who of Politics


    Amazing program signed by a Who's Who of Republican politics in 1961 who attended the event. Eight different signatures in all. This program is from Nixon's January 9, 1961 "Birthday Dinner" at the famous Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. What makes this program incredibly special is that it includes the handwritten original signatures of Vice President Richard Nixon, President Dwight Eisenhower, Henry Cabot Lodge, Everett Dirksen (Senator), Mrs. Cabot Lodge and Charles Halleck (Indiana). Th event was held after Nixon was defeated in the Presidential election of 1960 and just before the inauguration of John F Kennedy. Original. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity. Learn More
  25. The resolute desk

    The Resolute Desk - The Most Famous Desk in the World


    Now you can sit behind



    In 1880, England’s Queen Victoria - in a gesture of friendship (to the greatest democracy in the world) – gave U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes a special gift. A desk. Designed and built by William Evenden at the Royal Navy Dockyard in Chatham, England. Made of solid mahogany to the most exacting specifications. With ornate carving and detailing. It was the desk of desks.

    Since that time, 23 American Presidents have sat behind The Resolute Desk. Teddy Roosevelt created America’s national parks during his term in the Oval Office. John F. Kennedy signed his landmark Civil Rights Bill seated at this desk. And Ronald Reagan signed numerous bills into law while seated behind the Resolute Desk...after he had it raised by two inches to accommodate his height and give him more knee room

    Named after the ship whose timber was used in its making, The Resolute Desk has been a first-hand witness to over 130 years of U.S. history.

    And now, you can make history of your own...with your own impeccable reproduction of this extraordinary, legendary desk.

    This is the very same reproduction desk now on display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California and the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California. It is made of solid plantation-grown Honduras Mahogany and is the exact same size (72” X 48” X 32” high) as the Resolute Desk that now sits in the Oval Office.

    Our Resolute Desk is as true to the original as possible...right down to the separate 2” plinth that President Reagan ordered to give him extra knee room.

    This kind of superior “museum quality” and uncommon attention to detail is what makes our reproduction Resolute Desk a truly remarkable piece of furniture and a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

    We are proud to have helped many discerning individuals, collectors, corporations, movie production companies and government offices.

    Shipping the Resolute Desk in the continental United States is approximately $800 by a White Glove Delivery Service and will be billed separately. Our technicians will deliver, and assemble with the "white glove touch". We will contact you immediately after your order is received and processed, and the delivery charge will be billed separately. International shipping and shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is available. Please email us at or call 888-477-9222 for details. This item is in stock and available for immediate shipment. Price - $7,995.00.

    Our knowledgeable and experience staff are always happy to also assist with numerous options, including color variations and woods, accessory items such as matching side chairs, President's chair, file cabinet and credenza. 

    Learn More

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  • I want to thank you both for your wonderful business. With my being deeply involved in the Political arena your business feeds to my love for Politics, I enjoy getting a hold of great Political Items that are part of History collecting these treasures are a personal Hobby to me! I have ordered from you both on a number of occasions and I have to say that I am truly amazed and I appreciate everything - the speedy response, to the great customer service, the speedy arrival of items purchased arriving on time to my doorstep when promised, and more. Thank again for all that you both do for this Country through your wonderful business. I endorse Lori Ferber Collectibles!
    Walter S, Michigan February 02, 2017
  • I just want to thank you for my recent order of political pins. I happen to stumble on your Website and glad I did. The items were just as advertised- and I will be ordering in the near future. Thanks again, Scott
    Scott K January 22, 2017
  • I appreciate everything - the speedy response, the customer service, and of course, the product itself. Often, I'm skeptical and think that online testimonials only post the positive feedback, or even make up feedback. I can tell from the service I received that not only were these testimonials legitimate (just like your products), but it is likely they are all so positive because I can't imagine you getting a negative review. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you. This is how customer service is supposed to look and it is so refreshing! I'll certainly be back to purchase additional gifts for my history-buff boyfriend in the future.
    - Shoshana, Golden Valley Minnesota October 11, 2016
  • Lori, The poster arrived late yesterday afternoon. It is hanging on my wall, and it looks absolutely fantastic! I smile when I see the President staring down at me as I am sitting at my desk. Thanks so much! Well done! Best, Mike B
    Mike B June 18, 2016
  • Lori: After weeks of research, asking for referrals and conducting a competitive analysis - I landed with Lori Ferber Collectibles.My journey has been wonderful to say the least Steve & Lori are excellent!
    B. G. February 26, 2015
  • Lori & Steve: Your honesty and integrity are inspiring and conducive to an ongoing business relationship.
    P.W. February 26, 2015
  • Lori: Thank you ever so much for the Presidential Inaugural Invitation. I was moved because it means so very much to me. I was in Washington D.C. last year during the inauguration, however, I had been hoping to eventually obtain something this special (I even wrote to my Congressman and others). Again, thank you so much and may you have continued success in your business in the coming years.
    W.M. February 20, 2015
  • Thank you very much for your assistance in making sure that the gift is now perfect. I have been spreading the word about the excellent customer service I've received from you
    A. H. February 26, 2015
  • Lori, I cannot wait to place my next order! Thanks again for your advice. I look forward to placing my next order.
    N. R. February 26, 2015