Historical Documents

Inventory of historical documents that preserve records of the United States Federal Government. Ephemera and documents include such items as state of the union addresses, presidential messages, white house documents, oval office ephemera, presidential collectible documents and much more

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  1. The life and character of James a Garfield

    1880 - The Life and Character of James A. Garfield Campaign Pamphlet


    The Life and Character of James A. Garfield. Published in 1880. Prepared by B. A. Hinsdale, President of Hiram College, the alma matter of President James Garfield. Interesting historic reading. Essentially a biography and argument in favor of Garfield for President. Four page original pamphlet. This comes from a treasure trove of Garfield items we recently purchased. Learn More
  2. 1844 James Polk Invitation

    1844 James Polk and George Dallas Election Victory Ball Invitation


    James K. Polk: Post-election Victory Ball Invitation. 5" x 8" sheet titled "Polk and Dallas Ball." Issued in Raymond Mississippi, December 20, 1844, it announces a ball at the Oak Tree Hotel on December 10th, "in honor of the election of Polk and Dallas." The name of the guest, is written on the back side. The hotel burned down in 1910. This is the only known example to still exist Learn More
  3. Franklin Pierce Nomination Speech

    Speech in Honor of the Nomination for President of Franklin Pierce 1852


    Speech of John H. George, Esq, of Concord at the Mass Convention of the Democracy of New Hampshire, In Honor of the Nomination of Gen. Franklin Pierce held at Concord, N.H. June 10, 1852. Original eight page printed pamphlet. Learn More
  4. William Seward Speech 1860 Against Spread of Slavery

    1860 Speech of William Seward Against Spread of Slavery


    In this famous 1860 Speech William Henry Seward reportedly offended many southerners with his stance against the spread of slavery while offending abolitionists who objected to the Senators comments that John Brown was justly punished for his actions. Seward ran against Abraham Lincoln for the Republican nomination in 1860 but lost to Lincoln. The Republican National Committee determined that the speech was so important that it ordered it published in pamphlet form. This is one of the original eight page pamphlets. Interesting piece of American history, the era of Abraham Lincoln, and slavery in the United States. The speech also promoted the admission of Kansas into the Union. Learn More
  5. Bill Clinton Impeachment Tickets

    Rare Complete Set of Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Tickets


    This is a complete set of tickets to all 19 sessions for the Impeachment Hearings for President Bill Clinton. This is one of only two complete sets we have seen in the last 40+years. The set was distributed by Senate Sargent At Arms James W. Ziglar and distributed to Senate staffers "in appreciation for your service during the recent Impeachment Trial". Initially we were going to break up the set and sell the tickets individually for between $250 - $350 (first and last day tickets generally sell for the higher amount) but after thinking about it, we decided that this was just too important an historical item to break up the complete set. So we are offering this one set to a lucky collector and significantly less than the cost of individual tickets. We will also provide a copy of the original letter from the Sargent At Arms to the recipient, although it is just a photocopy, the original was lost many years ago. A unique opportunity to own a glimpse into an amazing piece of American presidential history. Learn More
  6. 1830 Andrew Jackson Address

    1830 First Message of President Jackson to Congress - Framed


    1830 First Message of President Jackson to Congress. Andrew Jackson. Framed and matted broadside under glass. With some paper folds. Original. The text is Jackson's first State of the Union Message, of Dec. 8, 1829, and printed in January 1830 Learn More
  7. 1968 Governor Ronald Reagan Inaugural Invitation

    1967 Vintage Governor Ronald Reagan Inaugural Invitation


    This is a seldom seen ceremonies invitation to the 1967 Inauguration of Ronald Reagan as Governor of California held January 4, 1967 in Sacramento, California. Includes the original response cards etc. Very few of these invitations are still in circulation - who knew that someday Mr. Reagan would be President of the United States. Beautiful gold seal on the cover. Includes the response card, inner envelope and also the outer envelope. This is from the personal collection of Robert Nessen, who was a U.S. Ambassador appointed by President Ronald Reagan and staunch Reagan supporter. Learn More
  8. 1960 John F Kennedy Luncheon Seating List

    1960 John F Kennedy Luncheon Seating List


    A literal who's who of New York State Democratic party elite. An eleven page seating list from the Luncheon held in honor of Senator John F Kennedy during his election campaign by the Women's Division of the New York State Democratic Committee. The even twas held September 14, 1960 at the Commodore Hotel. Seated at the dais were John F Kennedy, Mrs. John F Kennedy, Abraham Ribicoff, Robert Wagner, Arthur Levitt, Avrell Harriman and many more. The date on the cover was apparently typed wrong, and was hand changed from 1950 to 1960. Original. Can't be many of these in existence today. Learn More
  9. Rose Mary Woods Watergate

    1974 White House Watergate Letter From Nixon's Gatekeeper


    On April 3, 1974, the day before the Washington Post printed its famous cartoon of President Richard Nixon holding a sign that said "I Am Not A Crook", Rose Mary Woods, Nixon's Executive Assistant and Personal Secretary, sent this letter to Robert Nesen, the U.S. Ambassador to Australia. Woods was often called Nixon's "gatekeeper". The letter is accompanied by a copy of an article in the Ladies Home Journal by the President's daughter Tricia Nixon, entitled "My Father and Watergate". The letter, and article were an obvious attempt to rally the troops as Nixon's White House was under siege by the media, the democratic party and increasingly, by the American public. "I is my feeling that you will find Tricia's statement to be an eloquent expression of how a daughter views her father during this particular time. I know you will feel, like i do, that is a moving , meaningful article." The letter is signed by Rose Mary Woods on White House letterhead and dated April 3, 1974 as her boss Richard Nixon faced impeachment and controversy that would soon topple his Administration. Includes the signed letter by Rose Mary Woods, a three page copy sent my Ms Woods to the U.S. Ambassador to Australia, and the original White House envelope. Learn More
  10. Tooheys Beer & Ronald Reagan

    1982 Michael Deaver White House Tooheys Signed Letter


    Michael Deaver served as Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff during the Ronald Reagan administration. This is a signed letter from Mr. Deaver, to Ron Nesen the U.S. Ambassador to Australia. In the letter, Deaver thanks Nesen for the Thooey's (actually spelled Tooheys) which is one of Australia's premium brewers of beer. "Thanks for the Thooey's. I had my first can of beer this Saturday and it was as good as i had remembered it. Ironically, just five years later Deaver was convicted of perjury for congressional testimony he had submitted stemming from statements to a congressional subcommittee and federal grand jury investigating his lobbying activities with administration officials. Deaver blamed alcoholism for lapses in memory and judgment. Original letter signed by Deaver, April 21, 1982 on White House letterhead. From the personal collection and estate of Ron Nesen, U.S. Ambassador to Australia during the Reagan administration Learn More

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