Gus Hall

Gus Hall was a leader and Chairman of the Communist Party USA and ran for U.S. President under the Communist Party banner four times. He was indicted under the Smith Act and was sentenced to eight years in prison. His campaign ephemera offer interesting glimpses into the Communist Party in America.

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  1. Communist Party 1976 election

    Gus Hall Communist Party Candidate 1976 Flyer


    "Say Yes to Detente and 5 million new jobs". Four page newsprint flyer from Communist Party candidate Gus Hall and Jarvis Tyner for President and Vice President vs Democrat Jimmy Carter. Interesting historical literature on the Communist Party in the 1970's. Learn More
  2. Vote Hall & Tyner Communist Button

    1972 Vote Hall & Tyner Communist Campaign Button


    Vote Hall & Tyner Communist. Gus Hall and Jarvis Tyner were the Communist Party candidates for President and Vice President in 1972 & 1976. This is an original campaign button. Learn More
  3. Gus Hall Working Class

    Gus Hall Communist Party Candidate For President Booklet


    Twenty four page original booklet. Speech by Communist Party candidate for President Gus Hall. "The Working-Class Answer To The Deepening Crisis - People Before Profits Rally." Interesting reading about the communist party. Learn More
  4. Communist Party 1976

    Gus Hall Communist Party Candidate Campaign Flyer - Racism


    "Racism" our nation's worst pollutant". Four page position campaign flyer from the 1976 campaign of Gus Hall and Jarvis Tyler for President and Vice President of the United States vs Carter and Mondale. This piece is from Seattle Wasington and includes local candiates Norma Rader and Elmer Kistler. The flyer focuses on the issue of racism and includes a photo of Jarvis Tyner who was one of the first national candidates who is black, to run for President or Vice President. Learn More
  5. Gus Hall autograph

    1997 Speech Autograph From Communist Party Chairman Gus Hall


    1997 Holiday Speech signed by USA Communist Party Chairman Gus Hall in 1997. The speech was delivered by Gus Hall at the Open House Reception held in New York City. 12 Page 10 Page text of the speech with bold clear signature of the four time presidential candidate on the front. Interesting historical information on the Communist Party's position on a number of issues of the day- including- his prediction that the Green Bay Packers would win the Superbowl that year. Why? Because "the packers are the only team in professional sports that is publicly owned.". Original. The signature was obtained in person on the show invitation by a member of the C-SPAN camera crew that covered the event and is part of a collection we recently acquired from his personal collection. Comes with our Guarantee of authenticity

    Learn More
  6. Communist Party Gus Hall poster

    Communist Party Presidential Candidate 1976 Anit Ford & Carter Poster


    "Sure Ford Is An Evil, But Is Jimmy Carter A Lesser Evil?" Four page foldout poster from the 1976 campaign of Communist Party Candidate for President Gus Hall and Vice Presidential Candidate Jarvis Tyner. Original. Learn More

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