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  • Arizona Political Memorabilia Show and Sale


    Arizona APIC Historical Americana and Pop Culture Collectibles Show/Sale

    Come see the old, new and everything in between!

    Pinbacks – Ribbons – Medals – Posters – Postcards – Suffrage – Cause – Protest – Sports – Advertising – Military


    Spring Show: Sat., March 10, 2018

    11:00 am – 4:00 pm

    10-11 am for set-up, 4-5pm for pack-up

    Auction will be around 1:30pm

    Mountain View Lutheran Church

    Family Life Center/Gym

    11002 S. 48th St., Phoenix, AZ 85044

  • Why We Love This Hobby - Political Collecting

    It's things like this that remind us why we love this hobby.....

    We received an email this week from a gentlemen who years ago lived in Pennyslvania.  At the time he was working as a School Counselor at a high school in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania.

    In the winter of 1992 he went to New Hampshire to volunteer for Governor Bill Clinton. When he returned,  the local Democratic Chairperson suggested he run for delegate to the Democratic Convention.

    During the elections he "hung a lot of posters throughout Bucks County" Pennsyvlania. Despite the fact that his name appeared on the poster as a delegate, he never kept one for himself. 

    He has looked for one for many years but never found one.... until this week.

    This week we were happy to reunite Jim Simmons with "his" poster that we recently acquired while attending a political memorabilia convention in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

    If you take a look at the photo you will see James name right there at the at the bottom of the poster, allowing him to - as he put it - "revive memories of a happier time."


  • How to Value and Sell your Campaign Buttons & Political Collectibles

    One of our great pleasures is to help people determine the value of their family's political collectibles and assisst them in selling items from estates and collections.

    We've been doing this for over 43 years and it certainly is a passion. But sometimes there are items that famlies have saved for years - even decades - that just don't have significant value.

    In those instances we often recommend that that familiies consider the following options. Of course, before considering these options it is best to first determine whether any of the items do have value. It is quite common that items people feel have great value have just limited value, and items that families believe probalby have no value turn out to have significant value. So the first rule of thumb is ALWAYS check first. 

    Three ways to consider the disposal of political collectibles and campaign items

    1. Contact a reputable political collectibles dealer to first determine the value of your items.
    2. Vintage political collectibles such as campaign, inaugural  and ephemera (paper items) can be a superb way of teaching children about American political history. Donating the items to a local school can be an invaluable teaching tool for teachers in your local schools.
    3. Consider donating the items to a local university library or museum. Again, they can be an excellent teaching tool and a way of preserving American political history. In some instances the donation may be tax deductible.

    A few things to consider before donating your items:

    1. University libraries and museums tend to focus on large collections and more valuable items only
    2. Be sure to ask what the university or museum plans to do with the collection. In many instances the items may simply be accepted and then stored in a warehouse never to be seen again, thus defeating the purpose of sharing the items with students of history.
    3. Always consider checking the value of the items you are donating first. Don't assume they have no value. You might be surprised. Reputable dealers in political and campaign items will typically be happy to give you an idea of value.

    Lori and Steve Ferber are the owners of Lori Ferber Collectibles, one of the leading dealers and collectors of political and campaign memorabilia in the country. They have been offering free opinions of value of political collectibles for over 43 years. They can be reached thru their website at

  • Which Comes 1st the Chicken or The Egg?

    We hate disappointing our political memorabilia customers. But since many of our items are one-of-a-kind presidential collectibles sometimes items you really want may have been sold to someone else before you have a chance to buy it.

    Because of this we are often asked, where do you post your items for sale first? On our website, on ebay, on facebook, or in our emails? 

    Well, here's the answer:  99.9% of the time the items are posted on our website (  first before anywhere else. In fact, if you look closely there is a link at the bottom of each of our pages that takes you right to newly listed items.

    We also send out a periodic email that lists many of the new political collectibles that we have listed for sale. If you are not on our mailing list you may want to sign up for free. There is a box on the bottom left of our home page.



  • Save Up to 50% - Our Annual White House Christmas Cards Sale!

    It's time for our annual White House Christmas Card & Gift Print sale! Save up to 50% on our most popular White House Christmas items - including the large collectiblge Christmas gift prints. Now is the time to fill in those missing spots in your collection or, White House Gift Prints and Christmas cards make fantastic holiday gifts. Give the gift of history. Click here to visit the sale!

  • Warren Harding and The Grand Canyon

    I recently took a trip of a lifetime. A 7 day rafting and hiking expedition at the Grand Canyon. The thought of getting away without a phone, email, text, a watch or the day to day seemed like just the right way to get off the grid for a week of total relaxation.  And, no campaign, buttons,    posters, collectibles and Presidents!

    Well, at least until the spell was broken. Our well meaning guide broke that feeling when    proudly announced that rapid number 4 was named after President Warren Harding.

    The way the story was told, the unusual name for this rapid comes courtesy of the U.S.    Geological Survey expedition of 1923. The night before they reached the rapids they tuned on     the radio and heard that President Warren Harding had died. The expedition leader decided to  name the little rapid for the just-deceased Harding.

    I guess it's true, you really can never get away from your passions in life!

  • The Ultimate Donald Trump Collectible

    Politics aside, this chair is going to get you Fired. President Donald Trump photographed by entertainment photographer Jennifer Graylock doing his signature "Your Fired" move. This golden Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Series is ready to go home with you and Make America Great Again. The ultimate attention grabber. Only 2 available, ships within 3 weeks. For just $1,895 +Shipping this ultimate conversation piece can be yours!

    Now you can plant your derriere, and your guests derriere, on the face of our new President Donald Trump.

  • New John F Kennedy Stamp Announced

    On February 20, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of President John F. Kennedy's by dedicating a Forever stamp in his honor at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, in Boston, Massachusetts.

    The stamp features a 1960 photograph by Ted Spiegel of Kennedy campaigning for president in Seattle, according to the U.S. Postal Service. The sheet of stamps will feature a picture of Kennedy in a reflective pose, a copy of a 1970 oil painting by Aaron Shikler.

    Kennedy's grandson, Jack Schlossberg, said in a statement, "As we mark the centennial of his birth, we hope that the stamp will be an enduring symbol of President Kennedy's call for service, innovation, and inclusion, and his belief that we each have the power to make this world a better place."


  • An office fit for a president

    We received this great photo today from Stan from Illinois. Stan made our Presidential Seal rug the centerpiece of his new office. What a dramatic statement.

    In fact, this is the second rug that Stan has purchased from us. The first is proudly displayed in his home office right along side the second Presidential Seal rug and the Resolute desk he purchased from us last year.


  • How Quickly Things Change - Donald Trump Inaugural Invitation Set

    It was just last week that we explained that we were not offering the Donald Trump 2017 Congressional Inaugural Invitation set for sale. That because the prices were ridiculously high and were bound to come down soon and we don't like selling items to our loyal customers and then watch the price drop.

    Well, times have changed.... already. We are pleased to report that we were able to acquire a limited stock of these popular items and we are now offering them on the front page of our website for just $75.

    Considering that the invitation sets have been selling on ebay for between $150 - $500 that's a pretty darn good price.  Enjoy!

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