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  1. James Madson Framed Portait

    James Madison Framed Portrait


    Commemorative portrait of President James Madison. From oil painting in the collection of the New York Historical Society. Printed signature of the President displayed under the portrait. Nice new mahogany colored frame with glass with beading. Ready for wall display or use the attached easel. Learn More
  2. James Madison Inaugural Medal

    James Madison US Mint Peace Medal


    Original Peace medal from the U.S. Mint for James Madison as President of the United States. Bronze. Learn More
  3. Andrew Jackson US Mint Medal

    Andrew jackson U.S. Mint Peace Medal


    Indian Peace medal issued by the U.S. Mint for Andrew Jackson. 3" bronze. Uncirculated. Medal number 107 Learn More
  4. White House Christmas Ornaments

    Friends of the White House John Adams Collectible Christmas Ornament


    President John Adams dition of the beautiful white house christmas ornament series produced by "Friends of the White House", featuring the inauguraiton of John Adams. Each ornament is hand blown, silvered, hand-painted and intricately decorated glass ornament. Elegantly gift boxed along with decriptive literature. This first in a series ornament commemorated the fascinating story behind the White House and our presidential history. By creating the second-in-an-annual-series of ornaments, Friends of the White House honors the second President of the United States, John Adams, the first President to reside in the newly constructed White House. The result of a centuries-old tradition of distinctive glass making, this handcrafted ornament is hand blown, silvered, individually painted, and intricately decorated by skilled artisans. Each glittering ornament is truly unique. This ornament features a faithful reproduction of an original painting depicting President John Adams arrival at the White House on Saturday, November 1, 1800, accompanied by two gentlemen, Billy Shaw, his secretary, and John Brisling, his steward on horseback. Incorporated into the design is President Adams’ signature along with his famous quotation regarding the White House, now found over the fireplace in the White House State Dining Room. The famous quotation is excerpted text of a letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, November 2, 1800, and is reproduced in John Adams own handwriting. Permission to quote and publish text from the original manuscript of the Adams Family Papers has been given to Friends of the White House as a courtesy by the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts. Learn More
  5. 1812 Poem

    1812 Poem By John Pierpont - Federalist Sentiment


    "The Portrait" A poem delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society of Newburyport, October 27, 1812 during the Presidential term of James Madison. by John Perpont, Esq. Published by Bradford and Read, Boston, 1812. John Pierpont was an American poet and Unitarian minister. He was also a pioneering teacher, abolitionist and a some-time member of the law profession. In 1812 he compsed "The Portrait" a poem surchaged with Federalist sentiment, which he declaimed October, 27, 1812. Original. Learn More
  6. John Randolph of Roanoke Virginia

    1812 Speech by John Randolph of Virginia Against War of 1812 & Pro Slavery


    Speech by John Randolph of Roanoke, May 30th, 1812. Randolph, a congressman from Virginia who served in the House of Representatives, vehemently opposed the War of 1812. He advises his constituents that his attempt to oppose a Declaration of War against England has been muzzled, the most outrageous interference with free speech since the Sedition Act of 1798. He further argues that war with England comports "neither with the INTEREST nor the HONOUR of the American people, but as an IDOLATROUS SACRIFICE of both, on the altar of French rapacity, perfidy and ambition." He describes his efforts on the floor of the House to bring to a vote his motion that a Declaration of War would be a bad thing; and the parliamentary maneuvers that thwarted him. Original. 16 pages. Learn More
  7. 1812 Rare Slave Representation "Awake! O Spirit of the North" Document

    1812 Rare Slave Representation "Awake! O Spirit of the North" Document


    Original and important anti-slavery document dated 1812. 24 pages. Titled "Slave Representation, by Boreas, Awake! O Spirit of the North. Produced during the term of President James Madison. The author argues that due to prior actions, the South is grossly overrepresented in Congress. "This evil has constantly been growing greater and greater, since the adoption of the Consitution; and it will, hereafter become absolutely intolerable". Further, at is an early and angry protest against the three fiths clause - "the rotten part of the Constitution - which counts slaves as 3/5 of a person" and the "apparently magnanimous land cessions by southern States like Virginia are designed to enhance the power of "the Slave Country" be creating new slave States out of them. "In one of the Slave states (South Carolina) a short time since, (and we believe at present,) the man who stole a horse was hanged; while the man who killed a Negro, was fined 100 pounds!" The document is attribued to George Cabot, although not stated as such in the document. Cabot was a Massachusetts Federalist and a leader of the so-called 'Essex Junto'. Learn More
  8. US Mint Presidential Medal Set 38 Medals

    Instant Collection! - Set of 38 US Mint Inaugural Medals - Washington to Nixon


    It's like getting an instant collection! Full set of 39 different US Mint Inaugural medals from Washington thru Nixonin uncirculated mint condition in their original still sealed plastic wrappers. Includes all the Presidents (including their second terms) from George Washington to Richard Nixon. Hard to find in a full set and in this condition. Your opportunity to purchase all these medals in one group rather searching one-by-one. All are original, of course. Learn More
  9. war of 1812 naval officer list

    1814 List of All Commissions Officers in the War of 1812


    32 original document fro the Secretary of the Navy listing all the commissioned officers in the U.S. Navy of the United States along with the rank and dates of comission and all Midshipmen, dated February 21, 1814. Interesting document that includes officers that became famous naval officers, including but not limited to, Alexander Murray, John Rodgers, James Barron, William Bainbridge, Hugh Campbell, Stephen Decatur and so many more. Original. Learn More

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