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Bumper Stickers for Classic Cars

Are you restoring a classic car? Add a sign of authenticity with these original vintage bumper stickers. We have bumper stickers from every year. Great political slogans. Whey spend $30,000 restoring a car and then spend $5 on a reproduction bumper sticker when you can buy an original sticker for the same or less!

Lori Ferber chuckles when she recalls the story of a collector who proudly showed off the 1932 Nash Coupe that he had just spent over $30,000 restoring to its original condition. "You could see the care and love that went into restoring that old car and making sure that every possible part was authentic and original", says Lori. But then I looked at the bumper and saw the Vote for FDR bumper sticker on the back of the car and my heart sank".

When Ferber explained to the car owner that the bumper sticker wasn't authentic the collector was stunned. "How do you know" he asked. "Because in 1932 the familiar silk screened bumper sticker had not been invented yet! explained Ferber.

As a prominent dealer in political memorabilia for over 40 years she has heard it all.

Bumper stickers have become such a part of life that it's hard to remember to remember a time when they didn't exist.Bumper Stickers for Classic Cars

The modern day bumper sticker is often credited to Forest P. Gill, a printer and inventor who lived in Kansas City, Missouri. Early bumper stickers were not really stickers at all. They were typically cardboard or metal signs that were attached to car bumpers with string or wire.

It was not until the late 1940's that bumper stickers truly caught on as adhesive backed stickers came to market as well as Day-Glow colors that attracted attention. Prior to that bumper stickers were printed on water activated papers that became sticky when water was applied. The advent of easy to use and easy to print pressure sensitive adhesive stickers helped make the bumper sticker as popular as it is today.

The most popular early use of self adhesive bumper stickers was advertising vacation spots. Hotels and tourist attractions considered them to be inexpensive giveaways that promoted their locations. The stickers were often 15" wide by 3 ¾" high.

It wasn't long before politicians and political parties discovered that bumper stickers were an inexpensive way to promote their candidates and political views. The addition of a bumper sticker to a private car became a mainstream endorsement for a candidate or political view. A political bumper sticker shows that the owner is involved in his or her community and passionate about their candidate.  

Bumper stickers from the days of Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower  are particularly attractive to collectors of political memorabilia and while these early versions are scarce they can still be purchased for under $20 says Ferber.

Ferber says that each week she gets orders from all over the U.S. and overseas from collectors and restoration specialists that want to add that special finishing touch to their automobiles. Car buffs are often shocked to learn that they can purchase an original and authentic bumper sticker from the 60's, 70's, 80's for less than $10 – often for less than a non-authentic one.

Collectors can visit Ferber's bumper sticker gallery at

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