James A. Garfield

Presidential memorabilia, collectilbes, souvenirs from Calvin Coolidge to George Washington including unique and unusual items from our nation's presidents.

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  1. James Garfield Memorial Service

    1881 James Garfield Memorial Service - Washington D.C.


    Memorial Services for President James Garfield. Held at Beadle's Hall, Washington, D.C. September 26, 1881. One page memorial program on lightweight paper. Original Learn More
  2. The life and character of James a Garfield

    1880 - The Life and Character of James A. Garfield Campaign Pamphlet


    The Life and Character of James A. Garfield. Published in 1880. Prepared by B. A. Hinsdale, President of Hiram College, the alma matter of President James Garfield. Interesting historic reading. Essentially a biography and argument in favor of Garfield for President. Four page original pamphlet. This comes from a treasure trove of Garfield items we recently purchased. Learn More
  3. James Garfield Memorial Assassination Program

    1881 James Garfield Memorial Services Program on Cunard


    Memorial Services program for President James Garfield .1881. Held aboard the Cunard Steamship Scythia, September 26, 1881. 68 pages plus cover. Honorary Marcus P. Norton of New York and Boston Chairman. signature of Clark Norton at top who we assume was related to Marcus Norton. Original Learn More
  4. 1880 Political Election

    1880 Vintage Political Info Brochure & Medical Advertisement


    Four page original "Political Information for 1980" campaign brochure produced during the 1880 presidential campaign. The inside features all of the presidential votes and electoral votes up through the 1976 presidential election win of Republican Rutherford B. Hayes. The back cover features an advertisement for Horsford's Acid Phosphate a concoction that is said to cure Dyspepsia, indigestion, headaches, mental and physical exhaustion, nervousness, hysteria, night sweats of consumption etc. Learn More
  5. James garfield 1878 speech

    James Garfield 1878 Speech to Congress


    Original and authentic printed speech of President James A. Garfield of Ohio delivered in the House of Representatives, Wednesday March 6, 1878 from the Congressional Record. Twenty page pamphlet also entitled "The New Scheme of American Finance, A reply to Hon. W.D. Kelley. Interesting historical document. Learn More
  6. Winfield Scott for President

    1880 Democratic National Ticket WInfield Scott Hancock


    Original election ticket for the National Democratic from the 1880 presidential election . The Democrats nominated General Windfield Scott Hancock for President and William H. English for Vice President. Never heard of them? That's because they lost the election to Republican candidate James Garfield. Nice democratic historical item Learn More
  7. 1881 Garfield inaugural ball

    1881 James Garfield Inaugural Ball Program


    This is an original program from the 1881 Inauguraton Ball of James Garfield as President of the United States. Often considered the most beautiful of the early inaugural programs, this sixteen page booklet was produced in bright multiple colors which is unusual for this time period. Learn More
  8. 38 star american flag

    38 Star Historic Flag- Medallion Star Patern


    Rare 38 Star Historic American Flag with Medallion Star Pattern. Made of starched gauze by hand stenciling. Dates from 1877 to 1890 when Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleveland & Benjamin Harrison were all Presidents during this period of American history. Premium archival framing with UV protection For the discriminating collector. Learn More
  9. James Garfield framed portrait

    James Garfield Framed Portrait


    Commemorative portrait of President James Garfield. From oil painting in the collection of the the New York Historical Society and one of a series of prints produced in the 1960's featuring each President from George Washington to Lyndon Johnson.. Printed signature of the President displayed under the portrait. Nice new mahogany colored frame with glass with beading. Ready for wall display or use the attached easel. Learn More
  10. Garfield and Arthur Song Book

    1880 Garfield and Arthur Campaign Song Book


    1880 James Garfield and Chester Arthur Presidential Campaign Song Book Published by The Republican Congressional Committee. All 24 pages in the best condition we've seen yet. Original. Garfield won 399 votes to Grant's 306, putting him over the top and giving him the Republican Learn More

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