You Ask We Answer ..... Sort of

You have questions. We have answers. When most of the time! Lori Ferber and Steve Ferber answers your burning questions about Lori Ferber Collectibles, political collecting and just about anything.

Welcome to our You Ask We Answer.... sort of. Here you'll find answers to serious questions, naieve questions, off the wall questions and other interesting and unusual information requests we have received from our customers!

Q: How come you sell some items for $7,000 and others for $2. Usually companies who sell $7,000 items only sell expensive stuff?

A: Because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy pieces of history and sometimes a $2 item can have even more history behind it then an item costing 10x the amount. In other words, touching history shouldn't be reserved just for those who can afford more.  

Q: I have a dozen copies of Look and Life magazines from the date of John F. Kennedy's assassination. Given the popularity of this President I would think that each one would be worth a small fortune. But I've been told theyhave only limited value... how come? 

A: You're not alone, hardly a day goes by when someone doesn't email us with copies of magazines from President Kennedy's days in office or ones that were published right after his assassination. But the reality is that many of these magazines were printed in the millions, in fact several of the more popular ones had circulations of over 5 million. Add to that the fact that a large percentage of American familires saved the copies as momentos of the popular President and you can see why there are so many available today - and thus the supply is very large and the demand can't keep up with the supply.

Q: I noticed that you also sell of your items on ebay. Are all your items isted on ebay and how come they are often higher priced on ebay than they are on your website? 

A: Yes, we do list some of our items on ebay, but we generally list less than 20% of our inventory on ebay. And yes, sometimes the prices on ebay are more than they are on our website and the reason is simple: it costs us a lot more in commissions and fees to sell on ebay.

Q: I'd like to give an item as a gift do you have cards that I can buy? 

A: No, we have them available for free. Just ask!

Q: Are you (Lori & Steve) Republicans or Democrats? 

A: We'll never tell, but let's say we don't see eye to eye on that subject and it makes for interesting conversations aroudn the office!

Q: How come you have some spelling errors on your website? 

A: Because Steve's a lousy typist :)

Q: Do you buy presidential and political memorabilia? Is there a charge for appraisal? 

A: We always enjoy looking through and purchasing collections. There is no charge. We will make you a fair and reasonable offer. You can either email us photos of the items or you can ship them to us for our offer. If our offer is acceptable (it usually is) then we pay immediately by check or paypal. If its not acceptable then we pay to ship it back to you. 

Q: What's the craziest thing that someone has offered for sale? 

A: That's a tough one. We've seen some pretty nutty things. I'd say the top two would be: 1) The gentlemen who swore that if you looked closly you could see the image of Andrew Jackson in the bottom of a pizza tray he had for sale and 2) The school teacher from Illinois that wanted to know the value of a copy of Barack Obama's IQ score that he had saved all these years (we declined to get involved). 

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