The Watergate scandal was a political event that occurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the Nixon administration's and the ensuing cover-up. The event ultimately led to the resignation of then President Richard Nixon. Memorabilia and collectible items from this event are very collectible, including buttons, posters, souvenirs from the watergate apartments and hotel.

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  1. Nixon watergate scotch

    Anti Richard Nixon Watergate Blended Scotch Label


    Pretty clever "Watergate Blended Scotch Whisky" decal. Anti Nixon Watergate memorabilia item. Includes clever references like "The Proof Increases Every Day". "A product of Bugweiser", and "Distilled & Bottled Under White House Supervision". Original piece of historic political memorabilia Learn More
  2. Inoperative Anti Nixon button

    Anti Nixon "Inoperative" Button


    Anti-Nixon Watergate campaign button produced by Political Rights Defense Fund as noted on the curl. Not often seen. Black and red on yellow. Original. Learn More
  3. Rodino for Veep button

    Peter Rodino for Vice President 1972 Button (Watergate)


    In 1972 Peter Rodino was considered a last minute Vice President candidate on the ticket with Jimmy Carter. Of course, that year it was rumored that half of Washington DC was on Carter's short list. "Rodino for Veep" buttons are very scarce. Original. This is part of a huge collection of presidential buttons that we acquired. Learn More
  4. Anti Vietnam War Button

    Anti Vietnam War Pro McGovern Button - Remember Oct 9


    Campaign button mcgovern remember Oct. 9 anti Vietnam war pinback 1970s. White lettering on black. Anti Nixon pin referring to a speech by President Nixon (four years earlier. Nixon promised and end to the Vietnam War. This pin became a rallying cry to end the war. On the reverse "For more buttons Ms. Anderson Clergy & Laity Concerned) and the phone number to order more buttons. Original of course. Learn More
  5. Nixon Now less than ever bumper sticker

    Anti Nixon now LESS than ever. Bumper sticker


    1972 Anti Richard Nixon bumper sticker from the Watergate error and Nixon's second term re-election campaign. The bumper sticker slogan is a take of on Nixon's campaign slogan "Now more than ever". Instead it says Now less than ever." Original. Learn More
  6. General Alexander Haig Autograph

    General Alexander Haig Autograph Photo - Framed


    Authentic and original signature of General Alexander Haig. Bold black and white photo with rows and rows of military ribbons on his jacket and four stars on his shoulder. United States Army general who served as the United States Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan and White House Chief of Staff under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Nicely framed and matted. Presidential Autographs With a Guarantee of Authenticity

    Learn More
  7. Remember the Bugging Vote Carter

    Remember the Bugging Vote Carter - Watergate Button


    Remember the Bugging Vote Carter. Jimmy Carter campaign button from 1976 presidential election when Watergate was still relatively fresh in everyone's minds. Original. Learn More
  8. Impeachment With Honor Bumper Sticker

    Nixon - Impeachment With Honor Bumper Sticker


    The phrase that toppled a presidency. Original "Impeachment With Honor" bumper sticker. Historical item that amazed a generation. Learn More
  9. Lowell Weickert autograph

    U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker Autograph Letter 1975 - Watergate West


    Letter from United States Senator Lowell Weicker, to White House staff member Dale Grubb who leved at the Watergate West apartments in Washington D.C. and was a key staff member during Nixon's watergate era. The letter is dated October 6, 1975 and is on Wicker's official U.S. Senate letterehead. The content of the letter refers to an issue Grubb had raised that Senator Weicker was responding to. Comes with our 100% gurarantee of authenticity. Learn More
  10. Nixon Rose Mary Woods Letter

    Signed Letter From Rose Mary Woods Nixon Secretary - Watergate Era


    Original signed letter written on the New York letterhead of Richard Nixon in 1964 , long before he became the next President of the United States. The letter is written and signed by Rose Mary Woods, as "secretary to Mr. Nixon" Ms. Woods remained the President's secretary from 1951 through his presidency and into his final days. Ms. Woods wound up as a central figure in the Watergate scandal when she claimed responsibility in a 1974 grand jury testimony for inadvertently erasing up to 5 minutes of the 18 1/2 minute gap in a June 20, 1972 audio tape. In the letter Ms Woods refers to President Nixon as "RN". The letter was written to Dale Grubb a former White House staff member. Interesting piece of presidential history. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity. Learn More

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