James Buchanan

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  1. White House Christmas Ornaments

    Friends of the White House John Adams Collectible Christmas Ornament


    President John Adams dition of the beautiful white house christmas ornament series produced by "Friends of the White House", featuring the inauguraiton of John Adams. Each ornament is hand blown, silvered, hand-painted and intricately decorated glass ornament. Elegantly gift boxed along with decriptive literature. This first in a series ornament commemorated the fascinating story behind the White House and our presidential history. By creating the second-in-an-annual-series of ornaments, Friends of the White House honors the second President of the United States, John Adams, the first President to reside in the newly constructed White House. The result of a centuries-old tradition of distinctive glass making, this handcrafted ornament is hand blown, silvered, individually painted, and intricately decorated by skilled artisans. Each glittering ornament is truly unique. This ornament features a faithful reproduction of an original painting depicting President John Adams arrival at the White House on Saturday, November 1, 1800, accompanied by two gentlemen, Billy Shaw, his secretary, and John Brisling, his steward on horseback. Incorporated into the design is President Adams’ signature along with his famous quotation regarding the White House, now found over the fireplace in the White House State Dining Room. The famous quotation is excerpted text of a letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, November 2, 1800, and is reproduced in John Adams own handwriting. Permission to quote and publish text from the original manuscript of the Adams Family Papers has been given to Friends of the White House as a courtesy by the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts. Learn More
  2. President Buchanan Medal

    James Buchanan U.S. Mint Series Medal


    U.S. Mint Presidential Series Medal for James Buchanan. High Relief medal. Large 3" Diameter. Learn More
  3. Franklin Pierce Medal

    Franklin Pierce U.S. Mint Medal


    U.S. Mint Medal for Franklin Pierce. 3" diameter bronze high relief medal Learn More
  4. James Buchanan His Doctrines and Policy

    1856 Anti James Buchanan Pro JOhn Fremont Booklet


    James Buchanan, His Doctrines and Policy as Exhibited by Himself and Friends. Mr. Buchanan as a Federalist. 16 pages of anti-Buchanan orations and articles, in support of John C Fremont's campaign against Buchanan. Original. Learn More
  5. James Buchanan Inaugural Framed Invitation

    1857 President James Buchanan Inauguration Ball Invitation Framed


    Original invitation to the 1857 Grand National Inaugural Ball of President James Buchanan. Has the signs of age that you would expect from an item over 159 years old! Very nicely and and professional displayed, matted and framed with archival quality glass and matting. Nice addition to your library, den or office. Learn More
  6. 1857 James Buchanan Inaugural Ball Invitation

    James Buchanan Original 1857 Inaugural Ball Invitation


    This is an original invitation to the 1857 Inauguration of James Buchanan as President of the United States. One of the earliest examples of an inaugural invitation. This invitation is to the Grand National Inauguration Ball held on inauguration day March 4, 1857. Features engraving of Buchanan in the center and a list of Managers for the event in the center. Who's Who list of managers in the center surrounded by two architectural style columns with "The Union Must Be Preserved" inscription at the lower right. Produced for the Inaugural Committee by Toppan Carpenter Co. Philadelphia. These scarce inaugural invitations are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Typical of these 1857 invitations, this one is not in perfect condition as you can see from the photos which is why this is priced so attractively. The lower right hand corner has been sliced, which we understand may have been done at the entrance door when an attendee arrived. Learn More
  7. James Buchanan Inauguration Day Invitation 1857

    1857 James Buchanan Satellite Location Inaugural Ball Invitation


    Rare and original invitation to an Inauguration Ball held March 4, 1857, the date of the inauguration of James Buchanan. This event was held in Bethel, New York. "Your attendance with Ladies, is specifically requested" It was held at the Aeolian Hall. The invitation lists the names of the Committee of Arrangements and the Floor Managers. Embossed with a sculptured look around the edges The music was by Cobb's Quadrille Band. This is the only one of these invitations we have seen in the last 40+ years. Learn More

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