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  1. I Support President Trump Button

    I Support President Trump Classic Button


    Just released - I Support President Trump button. Brand new and original. Show your support! Classic red,white and blue button in brand new mint condition Learn More
  2. Impeach Nixon Watergate Collectible

    Impeach Nixon ... He Bugs Me Watergate Bumper Sticker


    Original Anti Richard Nixon bumper sticker from the Watergate error and Nixon's second term re-election campaign. The bumper sticker slogan is an obvious reference to the Watergate break-in. Would look cool on your vintage car! Learn More
  3. Abraham Lincoln Bronze Finish Souvenir Bust Burned

    Abraham Lincoln Souvenir Bust Statue


    Highly detailed statue of United States President Abraham Lincoln. In bronze finish. Exquisite detail and fine finish with commemorative plaque. Great gifts for collectors of Abraham Lincoln, schools, displays or in your own personal den or library. High quality sturdy sculpture that weighs nearly two pounds. Learn More
  4. John Kennedy President Statues

    John F Kennedy Souvenir Bust Statue


    Highly detailed statue of United States President John F. Kennedy. In bronze finish. Exquisite detail and fine finish with commemorative plaque. Great gifts for collectors of John F Kennedy, schools, displays or in your own personal den or library. High quality sturdy sculpture that weighs nearly two pounds. Learn More
  5. Donald Trump Inaugural Medals Offical

    Donald Trump 2017 Official Inaugural Medal Ohio Republican Party


    OFFICIAL TRUMP INAUGURAL MEDAL OF THE OHIO REPUBLICAN PARTY 2017. With the original presentation case and stand. 70mm. Bronze. Peer Hansen, Sc. (Medalcraft Mint). Choice Unc. Housed in its original presentation box with wooden stand. Obverse with a high relief front facing bust of President Trump with just a hint of a smile. His name, DONALD J. TRUMP is inscribed above. The reverse legend reads: FORTY-FIFTH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INAUGURATED JANUARY 20, 2017 around a representation of the American eagle as it appears on the Presidential Seal. The edge is inscribed MEDALCRAFT MINT at 12:00 and OHIO OIM 2017 at 6:00. This medal was commissioned by the Ohio Republican Party. The Trump obverse was chosen from a selection of obverse designs commissioned by Medalcraft for submission to the Official Inaugural Committee as its official medal. However, due to the indecision of the Trump Inaugural Committee, the Ohio party was given its choice of all of the Medalcraft designs. Learn More
  6. William Jennings Bryan button collection

    William Jennings Bryan Button Collection


    Wm J Bryan for President Campaign buttons. Set of four different images and styles promoting Democrat William Jennings Bryan for president. Original. All four still have the original backpaper. Learn More
  7. United States Presidential Seal

    24" Lightweight Easy Hang Presidential Seal Plaque


    This attractive wall plaque displays the United States Presidential Seal. Each plaque is produced on a special glossy 3/16" lightweight gatorboard. Perfect for events, schools, offices and anywhere that you are looking for a dramatic presentation. Our special light weight product is easy to hang without nails since it can be hung with velcro like tape - especially useful for hanging on fabric backdrops or anywhere that you prefer not to use nails. This is our largest 24" diameter version. Made in the USA Learn More
  8. Uncle Sam Hanging Adolf Hitler Vintage Button

    Uncle Sam Hanging Adolf Hitler Vintage Button


    "Let's Pull Together" button featuring Uncle Sam hanging Adolf Hitler by a tree. Very fine condition. Mechanical.Pull the cord and Hitler's head pops up.This is the uncommon variety where the pull cord hangs from the bottom of the tree rather than the left side attachment. Original vintage button produced during WWII Learn More
  9. Herbert Hoover Baccarat Cobalt Blue Sulphide Paperweight

    Herbert Hoover Baccarat Cobalt Blue Sulphide Paperweight


    BACCARAT HERBERT HOOVER COBALT STAR SULPHIDE PAPERWEIGHT. beautiful Glass paperweight from the world renowned Baccarat company. ! Cameo sulphide work in Cobalt blue background and accented perfectly by the white sulphide and cut crystal designs. Exquisite gift item. In original baccarat box, with explanatory brochure. This was a gift in 1983 to Robert Nesen, the U.S. Ambassador to Australia from W. Glenn Campbell, the Chairman of the President's Intelligence Oversight Board and the Director of the Hoover Institution. Stamford University. The item comes from Mr. Nesen's private collection and includes a handwritten note of thanks on the back of one of two included business cards (one from The White House and one from the Hoover Institution). Learn More
  10. Great Seal Pillow

    Great Seal Presidential Pillow - Great Gift Item!


    Great Seal Presidential Pillow. Exquisite pillow with a bold and rich looking Great Seal of the United States. Embroidered pillow with satin back with hidden zipper. Raised gold metallic thread with roped metallic gold color cord. Large plush 18" x 18" size. Makes every room look presidential! Great for living rooms, offices, libraries and bedrooms at a very reasonable price. Learn More
  11. Nixon paper dress

    The Iconic Richard Nixon Campaign Paper Dress


    This is the famous RICHARD NIXON campaign paper dress is a fabulous collectible piece of Pop Art & Culture Americana. No doubt you have seen this unique campaign item in museums and books. It is a symbol of the culture of the '60s”. One of the most creative campaign items ever produced. Includes the original manufacturers label, which is often missing. The label reminds people not to was the dress - because its made out of paper! Featured in the Smithsonian museum online magazine in the article "Incredible Political Fashion Statements From Past Elections". Size 12-14. Original Learn More
  12. Oval Office Rug

    Great Seal of the United States Presidential Rug

    Regular Price: $695.95

    Special Price $595.95


    Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson not only helped draft the Declaration of Independence, they also helped design our national give visible evidence of a new sovereign nation and a free people. And in 1782, the Great Seal of the United States of America became official...a powerful graphic symbol of our country. This truly impressive gift item will make anyone’s home or office feel like the Oval Office. Our Great Seal Rug measures a full 5-feet in diameter. It is handmade and hand tufted by highly skilled artisans from 100% New Zealand Wool, considered one of the finest wools in the world. This is a superior quality item exhibiting excellent workmanship and made for lasting value. A superb gift for any individual fortunate enough to receive it...especially you!

    "I love the Presidential rug!! It is better than imagined. I'm so happy.... it makes a great statement when you walk into my home office!! Would make a great gift. Thanks again". - Glen, Los Angeles, California

    Learn More
  13. 1953 Rare Kennedy Speech After Stevenson Defeat Handwritten Notes

    1953 Rare Kennedy Speech After Stevenson Defeat Handwritten Notes


    Original remarks of Senator John F. Kennedy at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner at the Hotel Dupont, Wilmington, Delaware, May 14, 1953 with original handwritten notes of Kennedy. This rare document with the notes of JFK in his own handwriting, are also a glimpse into how Kennedy's speeches involved last minute changes of direction. The three page of the speech includes five instances of notes that, then Senator Kennedy made in preparation for his speech- long before he ran for President of the United States. Some of the notes never made it into Kennedy's final speech, others show how Kennedy deleted certain comments and added others. For instance, Kennedy deleted a large section of a paragraph in the typed version regarding natural resources and the billions and billions of dollars of tideland resourced belong int to all the people to a few..." These are the first three pages of the speech. Apparently there was at one time a fourth. It could be that the fourth included no changes so it was not kept. The handwriting of Kennedy has been authenticated by a forensic document examiner and comes with this Certificate of Authenticity. In addition, we provide our own 100% guarantee of authenticity. Learn More
  14. Dewey Defeats Truman Original & Authentic Newspaper Framed

    Dewey Defeats Truman Original & Authentic Newspaper Framed


    We are fortunate to have discovered yet another original of this famous edition of the Chicago Tribune of November 3, 1948. It is the complete, original and authentic newspaper. This is arguably the most famous and sought after newspaper of all time. When the decision to print this paper was made, returns were coming in very slowly and time was running out before the deadline for the edition. The Tribune staff, based on the early returns, decided Dewey would be the next President. After the newspaper was delivered to the street, more returns came in and showed that Truman would be the ultimate winner and be reelected as President. The already delivered "error" newspapers were gathered for return by staff members sent out to pick them up from newsstands and homes in the Chicago area. It also has the paragraph of type in the upside down position as all original examples have since the newspaper workers in haste to get the edition to the newsstands made the error. Original editions of this newspaper are becoming increasingly scarce. Here is a description of the condition. The paper is beautifully matted and framed with archival quality matting and glass, with a commemorative plaque at the bottom. This original classic newspaper displays beautifully with the Dewey Defeats Truman headline bold and the iconic upside down type visible. This is actually not a complete newspaper, but rather just the front page and four additional pages but from the attractive display you would not know it. Overall we would rate the newspaper condition as very good. Typical overall toning after all these years. There is a small tear above the word "Daily" in "Chicago Daily Truman, that extends to the top edge of the paper If you are looking for an example of this rare newspaper to display in an office, library or den and impressions are important, but the fact that it is not a complete paper does not bother you, then this is a marvelous opportunity to acquire this rare newspaper - new professional matting and frame - for a fraction of the price of a complete framed paper. Professionally framed and matted with archival quality glass and matting. A marvelous addition to your office, library or den. . Learn More
  15. Police Badge Of The White House Display

    Police Badges of The White House - Scarce Plaque


    Stunning Display of Sixteen Badges on elaborate wooden plaque entitled "Police Badges of The White House. Washington, D.C - 1997. Sixteen original badges are mounted on an inch thick, badge-shaped, wooden plaque measuring 20" x 26". An image of the South Portico of the White House is engraved at the top of a 6.5” x 6.5” metallic plate mounted in the top center on the plaque. Each badge is in very fine condition. The large shiny display plaque (which is difficult to photograph) at the top says “POLICE BADGES OF THE WHITE HOUSE,” with the following engraving: “The White House Police Force was created by an act of Congress at the request of President Warren G. Harding. It became operational on October 1, 1922, with a total of 33 Officers. These officers were furnished by the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia and the United States Park Police. Over the years the Force has grown in size and mandated responsibilities. The name of the organization has undergone two changes: ‘Executive Protection Service’ in March, 1970, and the ‘United States Secret Service Uniformed Division’ in November 1977“. The badges displayed on this plaque constitute a set of official, commemorative, and inaugural badges authorized and proudly worn with distinction and honor by members of the Force and are ‘Official’ badges worn since 1922. Commemorative badges have been issued to honor the American Bicentennial, the White House Bicentennial, the 75th Anniversary of the White House Police Force, and every Presidential Inaugural since 1981.” The plaque was also engraved, at a later date, “Circa 1997” – the 1981 and 1985 Reagan, 1989 Bush, and 1993 and 1997 Clinton inaugural badges are included. Eight representative badges encircle the metallic plate. The badge at top center, with no identifying plaque, is the one worn by officers of the “U.S. Secret Service / Uniformed Division” since 1978. The three commemorative badges identified above, titled “Anniversary Badges,” are displayed beneath the eight badges. At the lower edge of the wooden plaque are the five “Inaugural Badges.” At the request of President Harding, the White House Police Force was created in 1922 and, in 1930, it was placed under the supervision of the Secret Service. In 1970, the White House Police Force was renamed the Executive Protective Service and, in 1978, the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division. Exquisite collectible and decorative plaque that truly makes a statement. Learn More

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  • I want to thank you both for your wonderful business. With my being deeply involved in the Political arena your business feeds to my love for Politics, I enjoy getting a hold of great Political Items that are part of History collecting these treasures are a personal Hobby to me! I have ordered from you both on a number of occasions and I have to say that I am truly amazed and I appreciate everything - the speedy response, to the great customer service, the speedy arrival of items purchased arriving on time to my doorstep when promised, and more. Thank again for all that you both do for this Country through your wonderful business. I endorse Lori Ferber Collectibles!
    Walter S, Michigan February 02, 2017
  • I just want to thank you for my recent order of political pins. I happen to stumble on your Website and glad I did. The items were just as advertised- and I will be ordering in the near future. Thanks again, Scott
    Scott K January 22, 2017
  • I appreciate everything - the speedy response, the customer service, and of course, the product itself. Often, I'm skeptical and think that online testimonials only post the positive feedback, or even make up feedback. I can tell from the service I received that not only were these testimonials legitimate (just like your products), but it is likely they are all so positive because I can't imagine you getting a negative review. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you. This is how customer service is supposed to look and it is so refreshing! I'll certainly be back to purchase additional gifts for my history-buff boyfriend in the future.
    - Shoshana, Golden Valley Minnesota October 11, 2016
  • Lori, The poster arrived late yesterday afternoon. It is hanging on my wall, and it looks absolutely fantastic! I smile when I see the President staring down at me as I am sitting at my desk. Thanks so much! Well done! Best, Mike B
    Mike B June 18, 2016
  • Lori: After weeks of research, asking for referrals and conducting a competitive analysis - I landed with Lori Ferber Collectibles.My journey has been wonderful to say the least Steve & Lori are excellent!
    B. G. February 26, 2015
  • Lori & Steve: Your honesty and integrity are inspiring and conducive to an ongoing business relationship.
    P.W. February 26, 2015
  • Lori: Thank you ever so much for the Presidential Inaugural Invitation. I was moved because it means so very much to me. I was in Washington D.C. last year during the inauguration, however, I had been hoping to eventually obtain something this special (I even wrote to my Congressman and others). Again, thank you so much and may you have continued success in your business in the coming years.
    W.M. February 20, 2015
  • Thank you very much for your assistance in making sure that the gift is now perfect. I have been spreading the word about the excellent customer service I've received from you
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