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  1. Anybody But Clinton Hillary Button

    Anybody But Clinton 2016 Anti Hillary Campaign Button


    Brand new campaign button for the 2016 presidential campaign. Not sure who to vote for in 2016? It's as easy as A.B.C.... "Anybody But Clinton". Hate Hillary? Buy some shirts and spread the word. Learn More
  2. Donald Trump Button Set

    Donald Trump For President 2016 Set of 5 Campaign Buttons


    Just released 2016 Donald Trump for President campaign buttons. Brand new and original. Show your support! Set of five buttons! Learn More
  3. Trump for President campaign signs

    Donald Trump For President 2016 Campaign Posters (3)


    Three brand new Donald Trump for President 2016 campaign rally posters. Large 18" x 12 double-sided poster signs. Promote your candidate for the Republican nomination to friends, family and co-workers! Great for windows, walls, desks, just about anywhere! Learn More
  4. I'm The Guy That Put The Con In Congress

    I'm The Guy That Put The Con in Congress Button


    This button is part of the series Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) illustrated for Quality Tokio Cigarettes. The phrase "I'm the guy who" was a trademark expression of Goldberg. He coined it around 1910. He was well known cartoonist and created "Mike and Ike" and "Boob McNutt" among many other strips. Later in life, Goldberg help found the National Cartoonist Society (1946) was awarded a Pulitzer Prize (1948) for his political cartoons.Original. Has the original Tokio Cigarette advertising backpaper on the reverse. Learn More
  5. Anybody But Clinton Anti Hillary T-SHirt

    Anybody But Clinton 2016 Anti Hillary T-Shirt - LARGE SIZE


    Brand new T-shirt for the 2016 presidential campaign. Not sure who to vote for in 2016? It's as easy as A.B.C.... "Anybody But Clinton". Hate Hillary Buy some shirts and spread the word. Learn More
  6. Anybody But Clinton Anti Hillary T-SHirt

    Anybody But Clinton 2016 Anti Hillary T-Shirt - X-LARGE SIZE


    Brand new T-shirt for the 2016 presidential campaign. Not sure who to vote for in 2016? It's as easy as A.B.C.... "Anybody But Clinton". Hate Hillary Buy some shirts and spread the word. Learn More
  7. Anybody But Clinton Anti Hillary T-SHirt

    Anybody But Clinton 2016 Anti Hillary T-Shirt - MEDIUM SIZE


    Brand new T-shirt for the 2016 presidential campaign. Not sure who to vote for in 2016? It's as easy as A.B.C.... "Anybody But Clinton". Hate Hillary Buy some shirts and spread the word. Learn More
  8. Harrison Tippecanoe Here Token

    1840 Major General William Harrison Political Token


    1840 Major General. W.H. Harrison Political Token. Brass, 29 mm. On front surrounding bust of Presidential candidate MAJ. GEN. W.H. HARRISON BORN FEB 9 1773, . Reverse, log cabin with flag and "The Hero of Tippecanoe.Original. Learn More
  9. Cleveland Thurman Monster Ratification Ticket

    1888 Cleveland Thurman Monster Ratification Ticket


    "Monster Cleveland and Thurman Ratification Ticket. Sponsored by the Democrats of New York, Harlem River Park Casino and Gardens, September 19th, 1888. Promotes the candidacy of Grover Cleveland. Original Learn More
  10. White House Visit Canada Mulroney

    White House Visit of Prime Minister of Canada Mulroney Program


    Official program for the Visit of the Prime Minister of Canada Mulroney for his visit with President and Mrs Reagan, March 18, 1986. This original program has a presidential seal embossed on the cover and a list of "White House Customs" for attendees to follow. Interesting piece of White House memorabilia Learn More
  11. 1920 Republican Convention Badge

    1920 Republican Convention - Harding Coolidge Badge


    Attractive Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms Badge from the 1920 Republican National Convention that nominated Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge for President and Vice President of the United States. Bottom piece features portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The top and bottom pieces are attached by a nice fabric american flag. Original. Learn More
  12. Abraham Lincoln Union Republican Ticket

    1864 Abraham Lincoln & Andrew Johnson Union Republican Ticket


    Very nice Union Republican Ticket from the 1864 Presidential campaign of Abraham Lincoln of Illinois for President and Andrew Johnson of Tennessee for Vice President. This ticket is from New Hampshire and one of the harder to find varieties. Features a graphic of the top of a globe over water and a U.S. Flag at the top. Includes a list of electors and quotes from General Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.Lists the names of New Hampshire electors: William H.Y. Hackett, Daniel M. Christie, Archibald H. Dunlap, Allen Giffin, and Henry O. Kent. Original. Learn More
  13. Theodore Roosevelt Scarce Collectible Program

    Teddy Roosevelt 1910 Visit to London After His African Safari


    Scarce program from the visit Of The Honorable Theodore Roosevelt Ex President Of The United States Of America To The Guildhall Tuesday May 31st 1910 in London. Cover shows vignette portrait of Teddy Roosevelt with beautifully printed graphics, embossed crest, and the original ornate ribbon still attached. Original. Roosevelt visited London on his return to the United States following the African safari of 1909. Original, and one of only two of these rare items we have ever seen. Learn More
  14. Dwight Eisenhower China Birthday Plate

    Scarce 1953 Dwight Eisenhower Birthday China Plate


    Scarce First Edition President Dwight Eisenhower 1953 Birthday china plate. The Eisenhower Birthday Plate has two editions, The ‘First Edition’ - A scarce Presidential souvenir, made by Castleton China, Inc., New Castle, PA, with a ‘KEYSTONE’ back stamp, was distributed to attendees at the event. This ‘KEYSTONE’ plate was given out to guests at the President’s Birthday Party . While the ‘Second Edition’ - A political commemorative, with the ‘SQUARE’ back stamp, is a common plate which was produced for sale to the general public in limited numbers. This is the First Edition version. Learn More
  15. 1933 Roosevelt Official Inaugural Medal

    Rare 1933 Franklin Roosevelt Official Inaugural Medal


    This is the rare Official Franklin Delano Roosevelt first term Inaugural Medal in bronze. Official. 1933. Bronze, Exceptionally high relief bust of Roosevelt on front with concentric two-line legend. "Franklin Delano Roosevelt 31st President of the United States on the outer circle of type and 1933-1937 John Nance Garner Vice President on the inner circle of type. The revers side has a beautiful graphic of the U.S.S. Constitution ("Old Ironsides") sailing and the words, Thou Too Sail on a Ship of State. Sail on Union Strong and Great. Just 1500 of these rare medals were struck, and it is said that many went unsold and were later destroyed, which would explain the scarcity of this fine medal. A corner stone piece of any inaugural medal collection. An exceptional opportunity to acquire this at a very reasonable price because of its condition. See the full description below of its condition. If you've always wanted one but were afraid you could not afford it here's your chance. Learn More
  16. Oval Office Rug

    Great Seal of the United States Presidential Rug


    A truly amazing and impressive gift item will make anyone feel like a President. Handmade and hand tufted by artisans from 100% New Zealand Wool, it measures a full 5 feet in diameter and will look great in your den, library or even your office. What an attention getter! The rug bears the emblem of The Great Seal of the United States, the very same design that has adorned the President's oval office for decades. Please don't confuse this with cheap imitations. The superior workmanship is obvious. A very distinguished and quality item that will please you or the individual who is lucky enough to receive it. Features: * Hand-tufted * New Zealand wool * Navy blue with tan border * Five-foot diameter * Beautiful five-foot round wool rug For international orders please confirm shipping cost with us prior to ordering. The item is very heavy and delivery costs vary. "I love the Presidential rug!! It is better than imagined. I'm so happy.... it makes a great statement when you walk into my home office!! Would make a great gift. Thanks again". - Glen, Los Angeles, California

    Learn More
  17. William H. Harrison Inaugural Invitation

    1841 William Harrison Inauguration Ball Invitation


    invitation to an Inaugural Ball held in honor of President William Henry Harrison at the Masonic and Town Halls of Springfield, IL. Rare invitation with very nice engravings at the top. Original. Only the second of these invitations we have ever seen. Since William Harrison was in office for only thirty days after his inauguration, Harrison collectibles are very scarce. Learn More
  18. Happy Birthday Mister President event

    Rare Happy BIrthday Mr. President Program- John F Kennedy - Marilyn Monroe


    This is the rare program from one of the iconic events of the Kennedy era. The four page program from the birthday celebration at new York's Madison Square Garden to celebrate the birthday of John F. Kennedy. The event was held May 19, 1962 and features a star-studded gala and fundraiser for the Democratic Party. During the program Marilyn Monroe sang her now infamous rendition of Happy Birthday to the President. Monroe died just a few months later, making this one of her last performances. The event included such famous personalities as Jack Benny, Ella Fitzgerald, Danny Kaye, Henry Fonda, Maria Callas, Peggy Lee, Peter Lawford and., of course John Fitzgerald Kennedy and many more. Other programs have sold for considerably more at auction. Recently sold for $3,750 at auction. This particular program has staining so this is your opportunity to acquire this rare collectible item for a very attractive price. This is the only the seventh of these rare programs we have ever had in stock in the last 40+ years. Learn More

18 Item(s)

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