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  1. Jeb Bush For President

    Jeb Bush 2016 Republican Candidate Button Set


    Jeb Bush. Four different Campaign buttons promoting Jeb Bush as a possible Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential nomination. Brand new. Need more than one set? Spread the word! Learn More
  2. September 11 badge

    CBS News 9/11 America Rising Credentials Badge


    Credentials badge produced for CBS News media personnel for the September 11, 2001 "America Rising And Beyond" special. Original Learn More
  3. Gary Hart for President

    Set of Five Different 1984 Gary Hart For President Buttons


    Great group of five different Gary Hart for President buttons from his 1984 campaign, including the Democratic Democratic Debate button featuring Hart, Glenn, Mondale, Jackson, Cranston, McGovern, Hollings, Askew. Original. Learn More
  4. Lyndon JOhnson BObble

    New Lyndon Johnson Bobblehead In Original Gift Box


    Just released! Lyndon Johnson bobblehead with the original collectible gift box. In LBJ's arms is one of the most well known of the President Johnson's dogs, were registered beagles born on June 27, 1963. The President frequently played with the dogs and was often photographed with them. In 1964, President Johnson raised the ire of many when he lifted Him by his ears while greeting a group on the White House lawn. Lyndon B. Johnson was John F. Kennedy’s Vice President, and became the 36th President when Kennedy was killed in 1963. As President, Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the first effective civil rights law since Reconstruction. In 1964, Johnson won the presidency against the Republican challenger Barry Goldwater.Brand new. Mint. Learn More
  5. Mondale-Ferraro Liberty Leading The People Poster

    Dramatic Mondale Ferraro Liberty Leading the People 1984 Poster


    Political poster for Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro 1984 presidential election campaign shows Ferraro depicted as Lady Liberty carrying an American flag in one hand and a bayonet in the other as she leads a crowd; Mondale in top hat carries bayonet with ERA flag attached to it; an inset of the original 'Liberty' by Delacroix is at the bottom of the poster. So dramatic, it can be seen in the Library of Congress collection. Inspired by the 1830 masterpiece by Delacroix "Liberty Leading the People". Authorized and paid for by Montana Citizens for Liberty Inc. Original. If yo're looking for a statement campaign piece that would look great framed- this is it. Learn More
  6. You Win Eisenhower Nixon Poster

    "You Win" Ike and Dick Campaign Poster


    Original iconic cardboard poster sign promoting Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon for President and Vice President. "You Win when you vote for Ike and Dick". Learn More
  7. Walter Mondale American Express Poster

    Great Pro Reagan Anti Mondale Taxpayer Express Card Poster


    Clever political attack poster. It is a spoof on the popular 1980's advertising for American Express where they ask famous people "Do You Know Me?". This 1984 campaign poster features a photo of Democratic candidate Walter Mondale, a photo of the American Express card doctored to "Taxpayers Express Card" and pokes fun at Mondale's liberal leanings. "Do You Know Me? Most Liberals do. They know that if i become president, I'll be going on a massive spending spree. Of course, I won't have to worry about how to pay for it, because i always carry the Taxpayers' Express Card". Original poster. Great conversation piece. Learn More
  8. 1945 Franklin Roosevelt Inaugural Medal

    Franklin Roosevelt 1945 Official Inaugural Medal


    The official and scarce inaugural medal from the fourth term inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. 1945. he designer was Jo Davidson and the medal was minted by the United States Mint. This is the official medal and very elusive for collectors. the medal was encased in a lucite display frame and titled Franklin Delano Roosevelt Fourth Inauguration 1945. As such the medal is uncirculated, however it is evenly speckled on the front and back. A very nice example with no visible dents, dings or bruises. Learn More
  9. A Time for Greatness Poster

    Kennedy For President "Time For Greatness" Poster


    Large campaign poster from the 1960 presidential election campaign of John F. Kennedy for President of the United States. Bold and bright red,white and blue poster with large photo of the young president in the center and the campaign slogan "A Time For Greatness". Would look incredible framed. Original cardboard poster. Learn More
  10. Dwight Eisenhower China Birthday Plate

    Scarce 1953 Dwight Eisenhower Birthday China Plate


    Scarce First Edition President Dwight Eisenhower 1953 Birthday china plate. The Eisenhower Birthday Plate has two editions, The ‘First Edition’ - A scarce Presidential souvenir, made by Castleton China, Inc., New Castle, PA, with a ‘KEYSTONE’ back stamp, was distributed to attendees at the event. This ‘KEYSTONE’ plate was given out to guests at the President’s Birthday Party . While the ‘Second Edition’ - A political commemorative, with the ‘SQUARE’ back stamp, is a common plate which was produced for sale to the general public in limited numbers. This is the First Edition version. Learn More
  11. Richard Nixon signed autograph

    Richard Nixon Library Signed Dedication Cover


    Amazing souvenir from the dedication ceremonies for the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace. This scarce cover was postmarked at the official Dedication Day Station and signed by the former President Richard Nixon. The cover, part of a fundraising activity for the museum, was purchased by the owner directly from the Library and includes the original receipt. Features a color photograph of Nixon's birthplace and includes a USA american eagle stamp. Learn More
  12. Oval Office Rug

    Great Seal of the United States Presidential Rug


    A truly amazing and impressive gift item will make anyone feel like a President. Handmade and hand tufted by artisans from 100% New Zealand Wool, it measures a full 5 feet in diameter and will look great in your den, library or even your office. What an attention getter! The rug bears the emblem of The Great Seal of the United States, the very same design that has adorned the President's oval office for decades. Please don't confuse this with cheap imitations. The superior workmanship is obvious. A very distinguished and quality item that will please you or the individual who is lucky enough to receive it. Features: * Hand-tufted * New Zealand wool * Navy blue with tan border * Five-foot diameter * Beautiful five-foot round wool rug For international orders please confirm shipping cost with us prior to ordering. The item is very heavy and delivery costs vary. "I love the Presidential rug!! It is better than imagined. I'm so happy.... it makes a great statement when you walk into my home office!! Would make a great gift. Thanks again". - Glen, Los Angeles, California

    Learn More
  13. President James Garfield Inaugural Program Souvenir

    1881 James Garfield Inaugural Ball Program


    This is an original program from the 1881 Inauguraton Ball of James Garfield as President of the United States. Often considered the most beautiful of the early inaugural programs, this sixteen page booklet was produced in bright multiple colors which is unusual for this time period. It has the original tassel still attached. James Garfield was the 20th President of the United States, serving from March 4, 1881, until he was assassinated September 19, 1881 Learn More
  14. John F Kennedy Marilyn Monroe Event Ticket

    Rare Happy Birthday Mr President - Madison Square Garden Ticket


    Original ticket to the 1962 President Kennedy's Birthday Party held at Madison Square Garden. Known widely as the Happy Birthday Mr President event that where Marilyn Monroe gave a sultry rendition of the popular song to JFK. This particular ticket was a $100 per person contribution ticket. A key iconic item missing from most John F Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe collections. The event was held May 19, 1962. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity. Learn More
  15. Franklin Roosevelt Signed Photograph

    Rare Franklin Roosevelt 1934 Signed Photograph From Virginia Trip


    Original photograph personally signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and co-signed by Virginia Governor George C. Peery and Virginia Congressman Clifton A. Woodrom. FDR was in Roanoke Virginia on October 19, 1934 for the opening of a new Veterans medical hospital. The photograph was taken of Roosevelt, Peery and Woodrom as they traveled in a motorcade and later signed by each of the three. Several of these photographs were signed but very few of them still exists. The signatures of all three are clear, and Roosevelt's is particularly strong and bold. Great photo of Roosevelt smiling at the crowd fro his open top automobile in the days before armored presidential limousines became a necessity. The hospital was built in the midst of the Great Depression, the new $1.75 million facility brought the promise of hundreds of much-needed jobs to the area. Construction started on January 16, 1934, and unemployed workers were given preference for the 500 jobs. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity. Learn More

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