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William Clinton

Vast collection of Presidential collectibles, memorabilia, souvenirs and gift items from the Presidency of William "Bill" Clinton who served as the 42nd President from 1993 to 2001.
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  1. Kemp Limbaugh Button

    Kemp Limbaugh Campaign Button

    Button from the fantasy campaign of Jack Kemp and Rush Limbaugh for the republican nomination for President. Original...
  2. Bill Clinton Bob Dole bumper sticker

    Two Terms for Clinton The Second in Jail

    Original bumper sticker attacking Bill Clinton during his second term campaign against Bob Dole and Jack Kemp for the presidency. "Two Terms For Clinton The Second in Jail". ...
  3. Clinton Button Set

    Set of Three Different Clinton Gore Campaign Buttons

    Set of three different Clinton Gore campaign buttons from their 1992 presidential and vice presidential campaign. Original. ...
  4. Arkansas For Clinton Gore

    Arkansas For Clinton Gore Hometown Campaign Button

    Arkansas For Clinton Gore campaign button. Hometown button promoting Clinton and Gore for President and Vice President. Original. ...
  5. Ross Perot Magnet

    Ross Perot 1992 Campaign Sign Magnet

    Bumper sticker size refrigerator or office magnet from the 1992 Ross Perot campaign for President. ...
  6. Clinton Gore Election Night Button

    Missouri Victory '92 Clinton Gore Election Night Party Button

    A Secure Future for the 90's To Start the New Century. Coattails button featuring Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Missouri candidates Mel Carnahan and Roger Wilson. With Statue of Liberty in Center. Original and seldom seen. ...
  7. Labor For Mondale AFL CIO Button

    Labor For Mondale AFL CIO Button

    Labor for Mondale. Pinback Button promoting the candidacy of Walter Mondale for the democratic nomination for President....
  8. Mondale Ferraro Campaign Flyer

    Mondale Ferraro 1984 Campaign Flyer

    Washington supports Mondale Ferraro 1984 campaign flyer. Election night at the Rainbow. Mondale and Ferraro lost to incumbents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the general election. Original one sided flyer. ...
  9. Bill Clinton Florida Campaign Button

    Re-Elect the President Florida Campaign Button

    Re-elect the President 1997 campaign button from the State of Florida for Bill Clinton. Features a photo of Clinton and a mapof Florida in background. ...
  10. Clinton Gore Pro-Choice Button

    Bill Clinton Pro-Choice Pro-Family Campaign Button

    Bill Clinton For President campaign button. Classic red, white and blue colors with bold striking photo of Clinton and no mention of Vice Presidential candidate Al Gore!. Original ...
  11. Jack Kemp for President 1996 Button

    Jack Kemp For President 1996 Button

    Jack Kemp for President 1996 campaign button. Features photo of republican candidate Jack Kemp for President. Original. ...
  12. clinton fords theatre button

    Bill: Go See a play at Ford's Theatre" Anti Clinton Button

    One of the nastier anti Clinton buttons from his re-election campaign in 1996. "Bill: Go See a play at Ford's Theatre" Not unexpectedly, there is no reference to the pins manufacturer on the button. Original. ...
  13. Bob Dole 9in 1996 Campaign Button

    Bob Dole 1996 Presidential Large 6" Campaign Button

    Original button from the 1996 unsuccessful republican campaign of Bob Dole for President. "Kanas Pride - America's Hope". Bright colorful button....
  14. 1992 National Delegate Button for Clinton

    Bill Clinton 1992 National Delgate Button

    Bill Clinton for President. 1992 National Delegate campaign button. Original. ...
  15. Bill & Hillary Clinton Button

    Bill & Hillary Clinton Large Inauguration Day Button

    Large original button from the second term inauguration of Bill Clinton. The button features a large jugate photo of both Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton. ...
  16. Bob Dole Campaign Matchbook

    Bob Dole Campaign Matchbook

    Campaign matchbook from the candidacy of Bob Dole for President in the 1996 presidential election. Dole lost to Bill Clinton. Matches have been removed. ...
  17. Ross Perot Flyer

    Ross Perot Campaign Flyer

    Ross Perot for President. "Perot is for You, Your family, Your Job, Your Country, If you are too... Vote Perot 401 Pull Lever. Campaign flyer. ...
  18. Ross Perot Memorabilia

    Ross Perot For President 1992 Magnet

    Magnet from the 1992 campaign of Ross Perot. "Let's Take Back Our Country Vote Independent - Ross Perot For President. Original...
  19. Anti Clinton Button

    Inauguration of Bill Clinton - Inhale To the Chief! Button

    Attractive and clever button from the inauguration of President Bill Clinton. We assume it was meant as an anti-clinton button, but someone did suggest to us it was a pro clinton button for those people with a sense of humor!. Either way, the presidential seal design makes the button. Original. ...
  20. Pat Buchanan Vs Bush Button

    Pat Buchanan A Choice Not An Echo Button

    Pat Buchanan.... A Choice not an Echo. Original buttom from Pat Buchanan's unsuccessful campaign for President . ...
  21. Clinton for President Button

    Bill Clinton For President Classic Campaign Button

    Bill Clinton For President campaign button. Classic red, white and blue colors with bold striking photo of Clinton and no mention of Vice Presidential candidate Al Gore!. Original ...
  22. America First Buchanan 92

    Pat Buchanan America FIrst Button

    "Send Bush a Message Buchanan '92" Original button from Pat Buchanan's 1992 campaign for the Republican nomination. ...
  23. Buchanan David Dukes Without The Sheets

    Anti Buchanan "David Dukes Without The Sheets" Button

    "Buchanan- David Dukes Without the Sheets". Nasty anti Pat Buchanan campaign button. Original. ...
  24. Ross Perot Campaign Button

    Kansas City Royal Welcome To Ross Perot 1993

    Original "Kansas City Royal Welcome to Ross Perot May 23, 1993" pinback button. ...
  25. Bill & Hillary People First Button

    Bill & Hillary Clinton People First Button

    Bill & Hillary Clinton. People First campaign button. Featuring photo of a very youthful Bill & Hillary Clinton. Original. ...
  26. Anti Hillary Clinton Bumper sticker

    I Wish I LIve in New York So I Could Vote Against Hillary

    Clean House Vote Republican. Believed to be from the 1980 campaign when Jimmy Carter ran for re-election versus Ronald Reagan. Original. ...
  27. Dole Kemp Bumper Sticker

    Dole Kemp Bumper Sticker

    Original bumper sticker from the 1996 campaign of republicans Bob Dole and Jack Kemp for President and Vice President vs Bill Clinton and Al Gore. This bumper sticker was produced by Alabama Republican Party Victory '96. ...
  28. Clinton Inauguration Day Button

    Clinton Gore Large Inauguration Day Button - With Hillary

    Bright and colorful Clinton Gore 1993 Inauguration Day button featuring photos of Clinton Gore, and wives Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore along with the presidential seal. ...
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